Saturday, December 13, 2014

Move Over, J.Lo! Nicki Minaj Teases Her 2015 Calendar With Abs & Booty!! See The Sexy Shotyou


'Thank God Our Entertainers Lost their Primaries' - Etcetera

Woman Brutalised by Police is Pregnant but May Lose it Cos of Attack

Crisis at Onitsha market as trustees vow to halt govt’s caretaker system - See more at:

The Pope: Yes, all dogs do go to heaven

Iggy Azalea denies claims she was born a male named Cody

Kendall Jenner reportedly fires her mother as her manager

'I consider myself a humanist': Beyonce reveals her feelings about feminism and marriage in new short film starring Blue Ivy


'I'm tired of being mistreated': Karrueche Tran 'disrespected' after Chris Brown posts snap of Kendall Jenner sitting on his lap

Nicki Minaj Drops Official Video For “Only” [VIDEO]

    Nicki Minaj has done it again. After the wildly popular (and controversial) release of her "Anaconda" video, the 32-year-old rapper debuted her "Only" video on Friday morning, which features more sexual imagery and lots of strong language. You've been warned.

                  You Illuminati theorists are going to have a field day with this one,enjoy.

South African women dry their Vajayjay with bleach to make S*x more pleasurable for men

     Women around the world are carrying out a practice which not only leaves them in pain but at increased risk of HIV.

Imo Police Defuse IED At Popular Eatery In Owerri

     The police in Owerri, the Imo state capital successfully defused two Improvised Explosive device IED found at the lobby of a popular eatery on Wednesday December 10th.Speaking on the incident, the state's police commissioner, Abdulmajid Ali, said a distress call was put across to the command by the manager of the eatery and a bomb squad was immediately drafted to the scene where the bomb was immediately defused. He appealed to members of the public to always come forward with information whenever anything odd is noticed.

Police arrest 13yr old girl wearing explosives-packed vest in Kano

     This 13 year old girl (pictured above) wearing an explosives-packed vest was arrested in Kano state yesterday December 11th. The girl was arrested after she and a male accomplice walked into a clinic seeking medical treatment. Suspicious hospital staff alerted police who immediately arrested the two.On searching her, Police discovered explosives hidden under her hijab. The police later revealed that the young girl was from Bauchi and was part of the 'suicide team' that attacked a market in Kano on Wednesday Dec. 10th

Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone bans Christmas celebrations

     The government of Sierra Leone has banned Christmas and New Year’s celebration so that health workers can combat the deadly Ebola Virus Disease. 
     According to an announcement from the country’s response unit for the disease, the move was to reduce and prevent the spread of the virus which has ravaged and decimated communities across the West African country in recent months. According to the AFP, head of the Ebola Control Unit, Palo Conteh, told journalists in Freetown that there would be “no Christmas and New Year celebrations this year” in Sierra Leone.
     “We will ensure that everybody remains at home to reflect on Ebola. Military personnel will be on the streets at Christmas and the New Year to stop any celebrations,” he said. Even though the country is predominantly Muslim, a little over 10 per cent of the populace is Christians, according to the CIA world fact book. Earlier on Thursday, President Ernest Bai Koroma asked fellow countrymen and women to stop practicing religious and traditional burial methods that involved touching and washing of corpses.“We should stop all traditional practices for now so that we will live to continue to practice them later,” he said. Over 1,800 people have died of Ebola in Sierra Leone alone, making it the worst hit of all the countries affected.

A Man Painted A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt With His Penis

     It’s pretty clear by now that Kim Kardashian has a profound impact on men, but an artist from Denmark has just taken things to a whole new level.Uwe Max Jensen, a 44-year-old Danish performance artist, actually painted a portrait of Kim’snow-infamous Paper magazine spread with his penis. As in, he used his penis as a brush.“I have my penis in one hand and the canvas in the other,” he told the Daily Dot. “I have a very skilled penis, art-wise.”Indeed.The artist says he was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe prints, labelling Kim K “a sort of Marilyn Monroe of this decade.”The painting measures 30 by 40 centimetre and uses acrylic paint as the medium of choice. 
     Jensen said it took about 8-10 hours to complete the piece, using his natural gift to produce the delicate details.“If one is ill-equipped, it is difficult to reproduce the small details,” he told the Copenhagen Post. “But if one is well-endowed, it is easier to produce a better painting.”Mmmmm  good to know. Despite the difficult trek from paint to paper, the artist is completely satisfied with his instrument.“My penis is an organ. I need it to reproduce, and for sex and joy,” Jensen said. “But I can also use it in my art, and that’s joyful for me on more levels.”What do you think of Jensen’s painting? Via.mtv


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