Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why we invaded National Assembly, fired tear gas at Tambuwal – Police


               Nigerian police today  prevented speaker Aminu Tambuwal from presiding over a session at the National Assembly in Abuja. They just  released a statement  on why they invaded National Assembly read below'

          Following an intelligence report of a likely invasion of the House of Representatives by hoodlums and thugs, the Nigeria Police Force promptly deployed its personnel to the premises to prevent a breakdown of law and order. Consequently, the Police condoned the area and began screening of all members and visitors alike. 
In the course of this lawful exercise, Alh. Aminu Tambuwal CFR, arrived the venue with a motley crowd, who broke the cordon, assaulted the Police and evaded due process and 

          The IGP seizes this medium to warn all political actors and their followers to respect constituted authority and due process and to desist from the use of thugs to pursue their agenda. 
The Nigeria Police shall continually apply all lawful means to prevent a breakdown of law and order in all segments of the society and shall apply the full weight of the law on any political actor who violates the peace and security of the nation.


Meet Japanese 'black widow'who has killed her seven partners in the past 20 years

          At least two beaus of a Japanese millionaire have tested positive for traces of cyanide.Chisako Kakehi is the latest suspected “black widow” killer after having seven of her partners die in the past 20 years. 
          According to Agence France-Press.Investigators believe the 67-year-old Kyoto widow may be responsible for each partner’s death and is motivated by lucrative beneficiary funds. She’s accumulated $6.8 million from each partner combined in benefits and other assets.Kakehi was arrested on suspicion of her latest husband’s death Wednesday, following a history of mysterious deaths for those that cross her path.“Given their advanced age, we have to proceed carefully to judge whether their deaths were actually the result of foul play or not,” an investigator told the France-Press.
          Her first husband died in 1994 at age 54. The three other husbands died in 2006, 2008 and 2013.She had two boyfriends who died in 2009 and 2013, in addition to a fiance who died in a motorcycle accident in 2012.Deadly doses of cyanide, a poison which starves the brain of oxygen, were confirmed in the toxicology reports for both the latest husband and fiance who died last year.Kakehi has claimed she did not have access to cyanide, which is an organic chemical found in some seeds, algae and fungi.Via.NYDN

Flavour sells 1 million copies of new album in 5 days

          Current high life king Flavour released a new album on November 14th, without any hype or promo, and he’s already sold 1 million copies. According to the guys at Obaino Music, who are marketing the 21-track album titled Thankful, by yesterday November 19th…they had sold out the first one million copies, and they said by Flavour’s standard, that’s not even much! They started selling from,the East where Flavour is incredible popular,The new album features M.I, Phyno, Sele Bobo, Waga G, Wande Coal and Chidinma. Via. linda ikeji

Photo of the day

Some of  OUR Lawmakers pictured scaling the locked gates of National Assemble to gain entrance into the complex 

Photos: Freda Edewor #breakstheinternest in Nigeria way

             She posted the photo on her IG page, and got nods from the likes of Adaeze Yobo, Lilian Esoro, Don Jazzy and few other friends asking her to go ahead and break the INTERNET. But then, the pictures were taken for the opening of her new spa...

Mark shuts National Assembly over violence


          There was serious commotion at the National Assembly complex in the early hours of Thursday. Heavily armed security operatives were deployed at the complex to allegedly prevent Aminu Tambuwal, speaker of the House of Representatives, from entering into the National Assembly complex.Tambuwal, who arrived in company of APC caucus leaders including Suleiman Kawu, deputy minority leader; Solomon Adeola, Mohammed Zakari, Samuel Adejare, Biodun Akinlade, among others, was whisked through the main gate of the National Assembly at 10:56a.m by Zakari Mohammed and two other lawmakers.However, other lawmakers who accompanied the speaker were locked out. 
             They had to climb the gate amidst applauds from National Assembly workers and heavily armed policemen who mounted barricades at the gate.Senate President David Mark and hundreds of senators were also prevented from gaining entrance into the complex.All the gates leading to the National Assembly were shut to prevent the lawmakers from sitting.Over 100 newly deployed security operatives from the Department of State Service (DSS) and Nigeria police took over the security checks at the National Assembly.
              The situation led to traffic jam in the area as the security operatives conduct thorough checks on incoming vehicles at different locations.The Senate president, who came into the House of Representatives chamber in solidarity, was abused by aggrieved APC members, who accused him of being part of the conspiracy.The maze which serves as a symbol of authority was not released when the speaker finally gained entrance into the chambers.Following President Goodluck Jonathan’s letter to the National Assembly for the extension of state of emergency in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states members of the House of Representatives were expected to reconvene Thursday to consider it.

Check out Lady Gaga's jester-style outfit

          Lady Gaga leaves us baffled at the best of times, but her latest outfit has left our eyebrows firmly raised.The Born This Way singer was pictured leaving her hotel in Manchester wearing a bright jester-style costume, while her adorable French Bulldog Asia was wearing a Yoda costume.Seriously. It happened.

Meet 20-year old Danish woman, Joanna Palani who droped out of college to join Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in Kobane

          Joanna Palani, a 20-year-old of Kurdish descent, is understood to have written a message on her Facebook page describing a minor foot injury she picked up during a 'hard' attack on the jihadis.Minutes earlier she had updated the page with a photograph of herself calmly smiling while wearing military fatigues, a bullet proof vest and carrying a large assault rifle - threatening ISIS militants with the words: 'See you on the front line tomorrow'.
          Ms Palani has become the latest Westerner to join the fight against ISIS in Kobane, where Syrian Kurds assisted by Iraqi Peshmerga troops and US and Arab coalition warplanes have managed to force hundreds of militants out of the centre of the city. Details of Ms Palani's journey to fight ISIS in Syria were reported by the Danish newspaper BT.Less than a month ago she had made a gave an interview to Politiken saying that she was dropping out mid-way through her college course and intended to join the fight against ISIS in Kobane. 
          It is likely Ms Palani, who has lived in Denmark since she was three-years-old, has joined the Kurdish YPJ regiment - the all-female force of the better known YPG (People's Protection Unit).Both groups are affiliated with the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party), which has been designated a terror group by NATO, but Ms Palani makes it clear that she does not agree with this assessment. 'The Kurds are fighting for democracy and Western values,' she was quoted as saying.
           'If I get captured or killed, I will be proud of why I was killed. If I was afraid of the
consequences of going down there, I would not consider it,' she reportedly added. In her earlier interview with Politiken before she left for Syria, Ms Palani said she would do exactly the same thing had Denmark come under attack by Islamic extremists.'I love Denmark. I grew up here and I love the freedom of our society.
           If Denmark should ever be attacked, I'm going to go in the front row with a Danish flag around my shoulders,' she was quoted as saying.'But I've Kurdish family, and right now it is the Kurds who are attacked by brainwashed Islamists,' she added. 'she told in October. She is far from the first Westerner to join the Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in Kobane.Via.daily mail



Two German DJs injected saline on their chest in a bid to discover what life as a woman is really like.


           This two  German DJs  had saline injected into their chests in a bid to discover what life as a woman is really like. 
           John and Rasheed, who are famous in Germany for their strange stunts, had 700ml of saline injected into their chests to create breasts that would last 24 hours.The pair, who work for Jam FM, visited surgeon Mark Wolter, in Germany, for the temporary boob job that took an hour to complete. Despite the dangers of bruising and inflammation the pair remained undeterred as both men opted for a C cup and even managed to joke around on the 'operating' table.Although their fake bosoms initially felt hard and unnatural, within a few hours they were as soft as the real deal.
          Embarking on an 'If I Were a Boy' Beyonce-style bucket list, the two men took to social media to share a few bra-clad selfies the before going bra shopping, hitting the gym and trialing their bouncy new body parts by using a skipping rope. As they proudly showed off their new assets to the world, the men also found themselves the centre of attention - among other men.
         By the end of the day, the men said they had a new understanding of how it feels to be a woman,even if not every part was good. John said having his chest stared at all the time made him feel small and the pair concluded: 'Bras are torture and every woman should get a medal for wearing this monster.' Via.dailymail



My prayers at MFM made Google shut down Linda Ikeji's blog - Comedienne Princess


               Following the crash of her 7-month old marriage, comedienne, Princess‎ has never stopped blaming the bloggers and a section of the media as being partly responsible for her failed marriage.Now, the comedian has taken it all further by mentioning popular blogger, Linda Ikeji‎ as the person who led the onslaught against her former union. 
            At the Tyme out with Tee A concert which held on Sunday, November 16, 2014, Princess said‎: ‘Have you seen Linda Ikeji before? Do you know Linda Ikeji is very ugly, I’m finer and sexier than her, my prayers made google shut down her blog, I remember I went to MFM to pray and when I got back, her blog was shut down.’Hehe! only that her prayers was answered for just for 24 hours,although she forgot to mention that. Lol

Lol Kim Kardashian recreates Solange's wedding photo

          Kim is really seeking for trouble, only her knows what got in to her to recreate solange's most talked about wedding photo.Solange broke the internet with her wedding photos when she finally married her longtime director beau Alan Ferguson in a simple yet breath taking way.
         Today, Kim Kardashian turned heads in a new series of photos that looks similar to Solange's pictures. Rocking a David Koma top with a matching Atsuko Kudo skirt, standing in rows of mannequins, leaving many to believe she was throwing a little shade. 
        We all know that Bey and Jay were M.I.A. for Kim and Kanye's big Italian wedding extravaganza which made folks think there was some bad blood between families. Is it all a coincidence or is Kim actually did it purposely? Well trust the Bey hive's they slammed kim immediately for her naughty act.


Photos from Pres GEJ 57 birthday celebration

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 #President Jonathan at 57. Happy birthday sir. #Nov. 20

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Jonathan at 57, after a prayer session at the Villa this morning
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                   President Jonathan, his mum, First Lady & members of State House Press Corps on the occasion of his 57th birthday.                                                              
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President Jonathan, his mum and the First Lady after a prayer session to mark his 57th birthday this morning.

Happy birthday to our able President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan


            Hip! hip!! hip!!! hurray!!!!!!! our able president is a year older today let's celebrate him @ his 57 birthday

Suicide in the Church:24-Year old man commits suicide in church

            A 24-year-old man, Lanre Falodu, has reportedly committed suicide in a church premises in Owo area of Ondo State, where he was taken for deliverance.The deceased brother, Tunde, according to a police source, took him to the church located at Imola area of Owo to seek spiritual solution to his problem.It was learned that the deceased, who had been in church for some time, reportedly escaped at about 5:30a.m. on the ill-fated day.He was said to have hung himself on a tree within the church premises.
          His lifeless body was discovered by the pastor of the church, who informed Police in Owo.A team of homicide detectives was dispatched to the scene, where the deceased’s body was removed and deposited at Owo General Hospital morgue.But a police source in Owo said the pastor of the church and father of the deceased had been questioned.He confided in Vanguard that the deceased might have some mental challenge hence his sojourn in the church for spiritual deliverance.The state police command has insisted in conducting the autopsy to ascertain the cause of his death.

Breaking news: Florida SU campus shooting: 2 reported injured

           Police have confirmed they are responding to reports of a gunman who is at the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee. The shooting is reported to have taken place in the library, while students are being told to seek shelter.
          At least two people were being treated for gunshot wounds on campus, before being taken to hospital"We have two victims from a shooting that happened on the Florida State University campus," said a nursing supervisor, who declined to provide additional detail on the condition of the victims, which was reported by Reuters. Police have already entered the Strozier Library where the shootings are believed to have taken place and are conducting a sweep of the area.        There are already forensic teams at the scene.The university acknowledges it is currently involved in a “dangerous situation,” after it published an alert on its website. It also warns people to stay away from doors and windows. A number of students on campus reported that they heard gunshots.Via.RT


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