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Barack & Michelle Obama’s Love Story Turned Into Movie

    The love story of the President of United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle is set to hit the big screen.Set in the summer of 1989, the film “Southside With You,” will record Michelle (nĂ©e Robinson) and Barack’s first date. The two met at a Chicago law firm, where Michelle worked as a lawyer and Barack, a first-year Harvard law student, joined as a summer associate.Actress Tika Sumpter from the movie “Get On Up” is chosen to act the young Michelle Obama (nèeRobinson) in the flick, written and directed by Richard Tanne (“Worst Friends”).No actor has been named for the role of young Barack Obama.

Photo of Tuface Idibia as Father Christmas

         Tuface Idibia looks very good in Father Christmas costume.
He posted this picture on social media as a countdown to Christmas.

Wired: Meet a woman who eats Toilet paper

     A mum-of-five has revealed she eats an entire LOO ROLL every day.Jade Sylvester, 25, developed a craving for clean toilet paper during a recent pregnancy and now eats as much as entire loo roll's worth every day.She first developed the bizarre snacking habit while she was expecting her youngest son Jaxon.Jade, of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, said: "Two months into the pregnancy, I started craving toilet roll. I still don't know why."I like the feeling of the texture in my mouth, rather than the taste. I like the dryness. Despite giving birth to her son more than 15 months ago, Jade still cannot tear herself away from the paper snack whenever nature calls.
    The full-time mum waits until she needs to go to the toilet and while there will eat a few sheets of toilet tissue in private. She chews and swallows one roll a day."While I was pregnant I went to the loo and looked at the toilet roll and thought 'I have to eat that' - I know it sounds silly."Today I try and hold off going to the bathroom because I know if I go I will eat the paper."I usually eat around eight pieces per visit - sometimes I go to the bathroom just to get some toilet roll."It does fill me up quite a bit. At first I used to eat a couple of squares at a time, but I keep eating more and more.""My family tells me it isn't very good for me - but I can't help it." Jade said her favourite types are the supermarket-own brands, rather than more expensive products like Andrex.She said: "Different brands taste different. I have one roll in the bathroom for eating and one to be used normally."Miss Sylvester has struggled to kick the habit since giving birth.

    She said: "I thought the cravings would stop after I gave birth but they haven't. I can't quit. I keep coming back for more."It can't be doing my insides any good, but it hasn't caused me any health problems or any illness."Jade has five children - four boys called Billy, eight, Mayson, six, Harrie, five and Jaxon, one, and a daughter called Harlow, five.She said: "I try to hide it from my kids, if they spot me eating toilet roll they tell me off."If my daughter sees me she says, 'spit it out Mummy, spit it down the toilet'."Via. Mirror uk

I5 years old Nigrian footballer stabbed to death in England

     Joel Adesina was an 'Ambitious' and 'hard-working' teenager who was talented enough to play professionally in the topflight of the English football league. As reported on Daily Mail, he was stabbed in the stomach during a late-night row on Friday night last week in Bethnal Green, East London after Joel and his friends were ambushed while taking a walk and were chased into a housing estate where he was stabbed.He was rushed to the hospital where he died three hours later into Saturday morning. An 18 year-old suspect was arrested but later released with no further action to be taken.Neighbours and manager of the teenager’s football team described him a gentle young boy who never stayed out late as he was mostly seen returning home in his football kits. 
     Joel as a winger was ‘’as good as gold'' and talented enough to play professionally,’ his coach at Bardag FC Yellows, Ricky Downes said.’ To say that myself and the club are devastated is an understatement, we are absolutely in bits.’ Joel was a wonderful young lad who had the world at his feet.‘’He was a very talented footballer and had ambitions of playing professionally. I think he had a future in the sport and could have played for a living.’ He was a very talented footballer and had ambitions of playing professionally. I think he had a future in the sport and could have played for a living.‘’There was something about Joel that touched me and his death is totally unexpected. He never gave me any inkling that he was involved in gangs or anything like that.
     ‘’He was cheeky, bubbly, and a thoroughly likeable young man,’’ 55 year-old Mr Downes added.Police report has it that Joel and his friends were walking, possibly home, when they were confronted by a group in a parked car; they were chased by the group into a housing estate where neighbours say they heard ‘screaming and shouting’. Joel was cornered and stabbed.’ Police were called by London Ambulance Service to Bethnal Green Road, E2, at 23:04hrs on Friday, 5 December.‘’Officers attended and found a 15-year-old boy suffering from serious stab injuries to the abdomen.‘’The boy was taken by London Ambulance Service to an east London hospital.‘’Anyone who may have witnessed this altercation or have information which could assist the investigation is asked to contact the police as soon as possible.’’

Earl Hayes rapped about murder-suicide four years before shooting TV star wife Stephanie Moseley dead and killing himself

     Earl Hayes, who was once signed to boxer Floyd Mayweather, killed stunning Stephanie Moseley, a dancer and actress who starred in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, following a huge row on Monday morning. Rapper Earl Hayes recorded a song in 2010 about murder-suicide - four years before killing himself and his wife, Stephanie Moseley.Earl Hayes, who was once signed to boxer Floyd Mayweather, killed stunning Stephanie Moseley, a dancer and actress who starred in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, following a huge row on Monday morning.And it seems like the rapper had been having suicidal thoughts long before the gruesome killings took place.
     According to TMZ, the rap star made a song called Suicide, which included the lines: "I could just kill us both, go out with a smash." In the song, the musician details a harrowing scene of murder-suicide, eerily similar to the tragedy with his wife:

"Shoot your girlfriend or when you get surrounded by cops. 
F**k the real life  shoot it out and do your time on the spot. 

"Make a family crying with your girl and their hearstses. 
Take somebody with you who really didn't deserve it. 
Show everybody that life just ain't perfect. 
And when you get mad, it's time to close curtains, 
Cuz this song is for you."

Husband and wife allegedly tortured by policeman in Lagos

A police officer attached to the Ikoyi Police station has been accused of physically assaulting a couple, 29yr old photographer, Ejeh Smith, and his wife, Grace, 26. The couple said the policeman, identified as Dada Ogunsanya attacked them with his rifle along the Lekki Roundabout on Wednesday December 3rd.
According to Punch, the couple who are currently receiving treatment at a Lagos Hospital for wounds they sustained from the attack said they were in a taxi on their way to their Parkview home when a 7-man Police patrol team at the Lekki Roundabout stopped their taxi.

Narrating what transpired, the driver of the taxi, Ndubuisi Iheaka said the police asked to inspect his boot which he obliged and opened for them. He said they then demanded for his driver’s license and as he was about getting it for them, they flashed their lights on his passengers
"I was about getting the driving license when he started flashing his torchlight on my passengers who were sitting at the back. The wife told the officer not to flash the torch on them since the inner light of the vehicle was on. Because of what she said, the policeman asked them to come down from the cab. This started an argument. The next thing I saw was that the policeman pulled my passenger (Ejeh) by his trousers, and his wife went to plead with him to stop. But instead, he slapped her and punched her husband. He was wearing a ring, which inflicted a deep cut on Ejeh’s face. After that, he used the butt of his gun to hit him in his eye and face. He also dragged his wife on the road.” the taxi driver said
Grace, the photographer's wife said the assault continued with the police officer stepping on her stomach
"If I was pregnant that night, I would have lost my pregnancy. I was only trying to pet him to leave my husband since he did not have business with us. I told him to face the cab driver and leave us alone. The other policemen were just looking at him while he dragged me on the ground. A man riding a tricycle at the time was the one who rescued me. He said the policemen must call their Divisional Police Officer or else he would not leave the scene,” she said.
Mr Ejeh said as they were being tortured, the DPO of the Ikoyi Police station, Mrs Aisha Haruna arrived the scene and ordered that they be taken to their station to make statement. He said he refused, insisting that they need medical attention. He said he was dripping blood from his eyes and his wife was vomiting blood. 
"We told her that we needed to first treat ourselves before we could make statements. That was when we were given forms and referred to the Falomo Police Hospital. We paid for the treatment and we also went to the eye clinic for treatment.”
Grace said all the video recordings she did of the incident on her phone have been deleted by the police, including some of her personal data.
“Even my personal data were deleted. And when I asked the DPO why she did that, she said we deserved the treatment we got. She said she would have locked us up in the cell if not for our injuries. She said we did not know how to talk,” Grace said.
While confirming the incident, the Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu,said disciplinary actions would be taken once investigation into the matter is concluded. 
“Yes, the incident happened in the Ikoyi division. Inquiries are on as well as disciplinary procedures. “He said
Meanwhile the Husband and Wife say they will be filing a petition to the Inspector General of Police through their family lawyer.

Source: Punch

Graphic photos: Girl Beheaded by ritualists in Osun State

     The headless body of a young girl was found in a uncompleted building in Osun State. An Old man on his way to work reportedly found the corpse and raised alarm..The unidentified girl appeared to have been raped as she was stripped off her clothing....The poor girl must have fought so hard...
Who are these wicked souls? So sad..I weep..RIP to her..One can never be too careful but just pray and watch our steps...Please graphic picture below is the only one I could muster courage to put up

If you are strong hearted, see more pictures ..Too Graphic 


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