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Headstrong: 'How Much Can You Carry?


Headstrong: Pictured left, a Rwandan man shifts his body around as he carries four large suitcases on his head while an Indonesian woman balances a huge blue sack on her head as a child sits on top (right)

 A photographer has travelled the world to showcase the talents of people who can carry heavy loads on their heads.
Floriane de Lassée, from France, went to some of the world's most remote landscapes, from East Africa to South America, in search of subjects for her photo series, 'How Much Can You Carry'.
The 37-year-old took on the project after becoming fascinated with the long lines of walkers carrying objects on their heads on roads around Africa.
So far she has pictured 70 people and travelled through 15 regions within seven countries to compile the spectacular images.
Her aim was to stage each person balancing the items that mean the most to them and her subjects ranged from children in Bolivia to tribesmen in Ethiopia.
She said: 'Leaving misery on the side, the models show a unique sense of curiosity, fun, and pride in staging themselves, proud to put forward what can be considered in lots of cases as their only survival means.'

A tribesman (left) from Ethiopia holds a rifle between his knees and balances a microwave box, Coca Cola crate, metal pot and a plant on his head. In another picture (right), a young girl from Ethiopia balances three large bundles of wood with a baby goat perched on top





WARNING GRAPHIC Photo: Shocking photograph shows ISIS supporter getting a BABY to kick the severed head of a Syrian soldier

A sickening photo has emerged social media showing a toddler kicking the severed head of a dead soldier in Syria.
 severed head. See the pics below

 The toddler's father is believed to be an avid Islamic State supporter and is wearing a camouflage military style baseball cap on his head. 
The father can be seen smiling with delight in the photo as he watches his innocent child kick the

Lady Ga-Ghost pull the best Halloween Costume Ever

Nobody can do it better than Lady Gaga
  Lady Gaga surpassed herself with the oldest  trick in the book on Halloween, when she stepped out in a white table cloth. More pics below


Etcetera Ridicules Big Brother Africa In His New Article

Hello Bigbrother! This is your egbon speaking. Please come to the diary room for questioning.’
‘Huh? This is my what? Who the hell is my egbon? I am Bigbrother and nobody summons me to any diary room.’

‘Shut your mouth Bigbrother and listen very carefully. I am your egbon. That means I am your bigger brother and you have to show me some respect. And If I want you in the diary room, you go there without a grumble. And listen Bigbrother, you better take your hands off your pocket and wipe that fake baritone off your voice when talking to your egbon. Olori buruku omo ti o ni respect. Are you still standing there? You have less than a minute to put on a shirt and present yourself for questioning in the diary room.’
‘Please sit down Bigbrother, you are now in egbon’s diary room and in the course of this session, no argument will be tolerated. You are only allowed to speak when answering a question. And you are only permitted to answer my questions with “Yes egbon” or “No egbon.” Have I made myself very clear Bigbrother?’

‘Yes egbon.’

‘Very good, now my first question, Bigbrother, are you aware that your ratings have dropped tremendously?’
‘Yes egbon.’

‘And do you have any contingency plan to salvage this situation?’
‘No egbon.’

‘Why don’t you have a contingency plan? Isn’t that what any intelligent person would do?’
‘Yes egbon but nobody would have thought my ratings would crash at any point considering my platform.’

Moving on Bigbrother, tell me, was it part of your initial plan for people to be subjected to those troubling scenes which are corrupting the morals of their children?’
‘Ehmm yes egbon, that was actually the plan. That is why it is called a reality TV show.’

‘So you are saying that the smoking of marijuana and drinking alcohol are also part of this reality?’
‘Egbon, these house mates are no kids and some of them are chain smokers and drunkards outside TV. So, why make them pretend on TV? Moreover, making money is the objective and you and I know that immorality sells faster than anything on TV.’

‘Bigbrother, I want you to be very honest with your answer to the next question.’
‘Ok egbon trust me.’

‘I was told you have two daughters, can you lock any or both of them in the same house with strangers from other countries for months and allow them have random sex and shower naked under camera surveillance with the whole world watching?’
‘Egbon sincerely I won’t.’

‘Why won’t you? But you told me in clear terms that the main objective of your show is to promote mutual coexistence between Africans from various countries.’
‘Egbon my children are schooling and they are not cut out for things like this.’

‘Oh, you mean other people’s children are good to coexist but yours can’t ehn Bigbrother?’
‘Egbon, my daughters are very fragile and they get bruised easily. But are you accusing me of taking advantage of the contestants or the public? I never forced anybody to subscribe to my show. Also the contestants knew what they were getting into from the outset. Nobody forced them to participate. And egbon, how come nobody talks about my $300,000 that the winner takes home every season? How come nobody talks about the fact that I am turning these guys into celebrities? Most of them were on the streets and I gave them opportunities. People should stop this undeserved criticism.’

‘But are you aware that people are referring to what you have here as a modern day concentration camp?’ 
‘Egbon, I have never heard that term before.’

‘Yes of course you haven’t. But you must have heard that most religious leaders are clamouring for your outright ban?’
‘Egbon, don’t make me laugh, I can assure you that those ones are the addicted viewers of the shower hour. Egbon, abeg leave the religious leaders, I don’t have time for their hypocrisy.’

‘Ok, Bigbrother, tell me the first thing that went through your mind when you heard your show was banned by the Malawian government.’
‘Egbon sincerely I just laughed at the jokers and knew such ban won’t last and like I predicted, it didn’t.’

‘So who was responsible for the lifting of the ban?’
‘Egbon I am Bigbrother but you of all people should know that I have bigger brothers.’

‘Yes I am one of your bigger brothers and I was sent here by others because we are all losing patience with the drop of income. And before I leave here Bigbrother, let me inform you that the other financiers including myself would love to know your plans to increase your ratings.’
‘Egbon, there is no need to worry. Just tell them they will start making a lot of more money very soon.’

‘Bigbrother please cut the crap and give us something tangible. What exactly do you have in mind?’
‘Egbon I am introducing other side attractions like lap dancing and stripping from next season. It will be tagged “Bigbrother the Erotica.” I know a lot of people will call for my head at first but trust me egbon, like shower hour, it will be another hit and income from sms will pour in like water from a broken dam.’

‘That would be fantastic Bigbrother. But don’t you consider that kids are watching?’
‘Egbon that’s why we have PG regulations and this new additions can only be viewed by special subscribers.’

‘Bigbrother I can assure you that these additions will most definitely bring about your end. You will be butchered from left, right and centre.’

‘Forget that tin, egbon. Like 2baba would say, nothing dey happen 

First November Hottie

Ok guys Flavour is our first November Hottie or what do you think?

Check out Rihanna's Sexy Halloween Costume

 Rihanna wore this costume to celebrate  Halloween at Opus nightclub in NYC last night

Muma Gee Joins Politics

Muma Gee has joined politics,she will be contesting for the House of Reps Abua/Odua and Ahoada East LGA of Rivers State.... And she just got her PDP nomination form

Happy New month From JaneOfodile's Blog.

Happy new month to lovely people , the new month has just started; we should realize this fact that how fast life is passing, we have short time and a lot to do for success, so always spread love and work like is a last day of life, Wish you happy New Month.

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From our team at Janeofodile's blog , we say HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!




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