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Family Rejoice,as baby With 4 Legs And 4 Arms is Born In India

               A baby boy born with four arms and four legs is causing panic in the streets of Baruipur, east India, as locals believe he is the reincarnation of a god.

                   The child has been named God Boy, as multiple limbs are common among Hindu deities, and people are travelling from across the region to the city in West Bengal State to get a glimpse of the child.Local police complain they are struggling to control the crowds, as hundreds clamour to get access to the hospital.The family are overjoyed at their new addition and see him as the son Hindu God Brahma, who is depicted with eight limbs. 'When he first came out we couldn't believe it, the nurses said he was badly deformed but I could see that this was a sign from God. In fact, this is a miracle, its God's baby. Indian God's have extra limbs just like this,' a relative said. 

Kris Jenner, 59, is warned over her toyboy Corey Gamble, 33 his ex calls him a 'money hungry opportunist'

             Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, 59, has been warned by Atlanta Exes star Sheree Buchanan, 43, dated Corey, 33, for three yearsabout the disturbing past of her new toy-boy Corey Gamble, who at 33-years-old, is young enough to be her son.
                 Sheree Buchanan, 43, has labelled him a 'money-hungry opportunist' and even claims he became violent after they split in 2010, in a new interview with InTouch. 'I know Corey. He's all about power and money and will do whatever it takes to get it,' Sheree tells the publication.
Corey is said to work as a road manager for Justin Bieber, and Sheree suggests that he is somewhat of a social climber.'He sees the Kardashians as media's first family,' she says, and adds that Kris is not even his type. 'Khloe is more his type. Kris is a little too old. But with her power and money, Kris could have been Betty White and Corey would still have hit on her!'.Worryingly, InTouch have also obtained court documents that show how Sheree took out a protection order against Corey in 2010, after he allegedly 'grabbed and bruised her' after they had split. 
Via.intouch/daily mail.

Ladies if you want a man at your feet, wear high heels.

               Women who want to get their own way should wear HIGH HEELS: Men are more willing to help females in tall shoes. Research shows that men are more likely to help a woman wearing heels than one in flats.This assistance ranges from taking part in a survey, to chasing after a woman who has dropped a glove.
          French researcher Nicholas Guéguen said: ‘Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful influence on men’s behaviour.’Professor Guéguen first showed that men were much more likely to agree to fill in a questionnaire when stopped in the street by a woman in heels. And the higher the heels, the more willing they were.
                When the women doing the survey were in flats, just 25 of the 60 men took part.
A two-inch heel made them more amenable, with 36 out of the 60 that were approached agreeing to answer the woman’s questions.But when the heels rose to almost four inches, the number of male volunteers rose to 49 out of 60, or as Professor Guéguen put it: ‘Men responded more favourably to the survey request as soon as the length of her heels increased.’Tellingly, heel height had no effect on women’s odds of agreeing to do the survey.
              In another experiment, men were almost twice as likely to return a glove to a woman if she was in high heels. The professor, from the University of South Brittany, said that men may see offering help as a non-threatening way of making contact with an attractive female.His final experiment involved watching how long it took men standing drinking in a bar to approach a woman sitting alone at a nearby table.
            A woman in high heels was chatted up almost twice as quickly as one in sensible shoes, the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior reports.
Professor Guéguen isn’t sure why heels make a woman more attractive but he says that it may be by that changes in gait and posture make her seem more feminine.
          However, a previous British study found that a man can’t tell from a woman’s walk whether she is wearing heels.In any case, the women in the bar were sitting down.

         Another possibility is that that the use of high heels in sexy films and adverts has led to men near-automatically associating them with desirability. Via.dailymail

Satanist slaughtered friend, smeared blood over himself & sat looking at Hitler's Photo

          A Satanist neo-Nazi has cut his friend's neck open, splashed blood over himself then called police and sat cross-legged looking at a photograph of Hitler until they arrived.
Robert Hej, 37, was arrested after calling police in the northern Serbian town of Becej and telling them 'Come over, I've massacred him'.When police arrived they found the blood-soaked corpse of Tibor Lucic, 50, lying on the floor, and Hej sitting cross-legged beside him surrounded by candles and looking at a photograph of Hitler
         A former friend of Hej, Niksa Brkic, 40, said: 'He was completely obsessed with Hitler, the Holocaust and the Devil.'He sort of worshipped them all in equal measure. 'He used to take photographs of himself posing alongside a photo of Hitler and he belonged to a satanic cult.'To be frank, he was a very disturbing and scary man. He often talked about carrying out a ritual slaughter, but I never believed he actually meant it.
        'I broke off my friendship with him after he started talking crazy like this even more often. I didn't want to know or associate with him.' A police spokesman said: 'There were three other people at his apartment on the night of the murder, but they left leaving just him and the victim.'From what we understand, they were all involved in some form of ritual in which Hej later decided Lucic would be sacrificed after it did not initially seem to go as planned.It is unlikely that the victim was aware of what was happening until too late.'

Hej now faces life in jail.

Body art fanatic spends seven years transforming himself into human platypus

          Jenya Bolotov has stretched eight parts of his face to achieve the duck-billed mammal look saying being a platypus is ‘what I have always wanted to be’.

          He added: ‘Externally, I am now a platypus. Inside though, I am more like a bird. They’re my spirit animal and they come to me in my dreams.’His body modifications include two holes either side of his nostrils, giant plugs in lips to give himself a ‘beak’, a hole inserted into his septum and stretched ear lobes.
       The 26-year-old, from Russia, is also the first person to get the bridge of his nose stretched. Jenya, who is single, said: ‘I love platypus – the way they look and even the word ‘platypus’ itself. I like the way my stretched face and lips now look like a platypus bill.‘All of the modifications I have added to my body make me feel whole. This is what I am now. It is what I have always wanted to be.’As a child Jenya was shy and felt like he didn’t belong in the human world.
        He first explored body piercings when he was just ten-years-old and his obsession spiraled from there.He said: ‘I was a very quiet child. When I was a kid, I felt as if I didn’t belong in this world. I felt like it wasn’t my world and that I was looking at it as if from outside. I knew that I would have to genuinely change myself and live differently to feel happy. Aged 19, he began stretching his lips to look like the egg-laying mammal.His lips are now 58mm wide on his bottom lip and 33mm on his top lip.
        He said: ‘Then my friend said that if anyone could achieve a truly big, horizontal lip, they would look like a platypus. I wanted to be like that. I loved the large bill of a platypus.’He added:’I can eat, talk and speak on the phone like everyone else. Nothing has changed at all. I do attract a lot of negative attention when I walk down the street and sometimes people make mean comments.‘I’m used to it now though and I just try to ignore them.’More pic below

Two children burnt to death in Jos,as jilted mother goes after lover

           Two children, aged four and two, lost their lives in a fire that gutted their apartment at Kabong area of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

           The kids were said to have been locked in a room by their mother, Talatu, a local beer seller in the area, who allegedly left them for an unknown destination till 2a.m. on Monday, when she returned to find her apartment burnt.The mother of the deceased children could not be reached at press time, but a neighbour who did not want to be named, described the incident as sad.
         The neighbour said: “Talatu abandoned the children in her room and went to confront her fiance, who had suddenly picked another lady to marry.“She lit a candle before leaving. But before she returned, the candle had burnt low and lit the mattress. The children got burnt without anyone knowing.”One of the children died in the inferno, while the other who was rushed to the hospital also gave up the ghost.

I rather live in poverty in Thailand than be adopted by Kim says 13 year-old "orphan girl"

             A teenager from a children's home in a poverty-stricken region of Thailand made an astonishing decision to turn down an offer from reality TV star Kim Kardashian to adopt her into a life of wealth and glamour overseas.
                   The level-headed 13-year-old called Pink said she shook with excitement when she heard the multi-millionaire wanted to adopt her, but insisted she wanted to study in Thailand instead then help her impoverished homeland and the orphans she has grown up with.The girl with a sunny smile stole Kim's heart when she visited the ramshackle children's home in Thailand's Phang Nga province, a region where more than 4,000 people perished in the 2004 tsunami.Pink, an outstanding scholar whose mother sent her to the home because she was too poor to care for her and fund her education, immediately bonded with Kim and gave her a bracelet in a visit in April filmed for her hit show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. 
               But after being told the reality TV star wanted to adopt her, Pink said: 'Everyone wants to have a different or a better life, I suppose. But when I thought about it I realised it wouldn't be good for me, because I would have to leave so much behind. I wasn't ready for that.'
After the visit, Kim declared on camera: 'When you meet someone that you really connect to like this, you can't help but think like how you could change their life. And I think that looking into adoption would be amazing.'I literally cannot stop thinking about her. I told (husband) Kanye, I was like, honestly, this girl is so sweet and so cute, like, I would honestly adopt her.'
              She then appeared to abandon the idea after being chided by her mother for treating adoption like a shopping trip and then told by her resort manager that adopting children from Thailand is 'very, very difficult'.But Mail Online found that Pink was taken aside and told by the home's supervisors about Kim's adoption wish in the show which went out in August and, although delighted at the offer, immediately said a polite but firm 'no.Via. daily mail

Rihanna gets suited and booted in smart pink outfit

               The singing superstar was at the MAC Cosmetics and MAC AIDS Fund's premiere of It's Not Over in Los Angeles.
               The film tells the story of three women who are living with or have been affected by AIDS.Rihanna teamed her chic business attire - which included a saucy slit up the front - with a pair of cute pink heels and plenty of gold jewellery.She vamped up her look with a splash of dark purple lipstick and showed off her various tattoos.More pics below

Via.mirror uk

Aunt cuts off 3 year old nephew’s penis for entering the toilet while she was there

           A 37-year-old woman in China got so angry that her three-year-old nephew walked in on her while she was using the toilet that she cut his penis off.Xue Paan, was supposed to be looking after her sister’s son, Qiang Qiang, while his mum went to visit a neighbour nearby but when the little boy interrupted her as she was texting her boyfriend, and asked if he could play a game on her phone, the furious aunt stormed into the kitchen, picked up a knife and hacked off the boy’s penis. The little boy’s mother Cai Tuan, 27, ran back to the house when she heard child scream only to find that he had fainted and was in a pool of his own blood. 
         “I had popped out to see a neighbour and was only gone 30 minutes when I heard Qiang Qiang scream. I ran back to the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. Qiang Qiang had fainted and was lying in a pool of blood. Next to him was a knife and his penis. It was simply horrific. My sister, his aunt, had gone. 
         His parents rushed him to a hospital where doctors were able to re-attach the appendage in an emergency procedure after 3 surgeries before heading to a specialist clinic in Beijing for further treatment.His aunt who was later arrested, faces 5 years imprisonment for the cruel act
Photo credit :CEN

Primary school certifi cate holder dupes SAN

               A 53-year-old primary school certificate holder, Moses Olayemi, has been arraigned before an Ikeja High Court for defrauding a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.
Olayemi, who was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit felony, was alleged to have defrauded Dr Aliyu Salimon (SAN) under the pretext of conducting a National Assembly screening for a Federal Government appointment.According to Dr Salimon, he was coerced into paying N2.5 million into a Skye Bank account, only for him to realise that he had been duped.“I was on my way to Ibadan from Ilorin for an INEC case when I received a call from someone who claimed that he was the Chairman of a  committee compiling the list of people to be given Federal Government appointment.“He asked me to send my CV, which I did from a nearby cyber cafe. 
            He then asked me to pay N150,000 for him to get security report about me,” he said.The learned SAN, however, pointed out that after several conversations on phone, he sent N2.5 million to an account belonging to one Moses Babatunde, adding that he paid the money, believing it would help him get a better job.“I paid the money thinking it would help me get a better job. It was after I paid the money that I was told that the job had been given to someone else,” he said.In his own statement, the accused, Moses Olayemi, denied the accusations, adding that he never collected any money from the SAN.“My friend, Akpan, asked me if I have a Skye Bank account but since I did not have one, I got that of my friend Babatunde. It was when we went to withdraw the money that we were apprehended and handed over to EFCC,” he said.The accused was denied bail by Justice Lawal Akapo on the grounds that he is a convicted criminal who jumped bail in Kano State and fled to Lagos.

Comedian Kathy Griffin to replace Joan Rivers as Fashion Police host

                Joan Rivers' Fashion Police replacement has been decided. According to a report by TMZ, the comedian is set to replace Joan Rivers as host of Fashion Police.

    From TMZ 

          Kathy Griffin will be Joan Rivers' replacement on "Fashion Police" ... TMZ has learned. Sources connected with the show tell TMZ it's a done deal. Kathy will join Melissa Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. We don't know the fate of George Kotsiopoulos.We're told the show will no longer be a weekly series. E! will roll it out during awards shows and other occasions as event programming. One silver lining ... the drapes will now match the carpet for sure. Kathy Griffin and late great Joan Rivers have a similar sense of humour so I think this will work.

Apple set to reveal new iPhone7 in September next year

            Apple's iPhone 7 could have a dramatically improved camera that uses two lenses to capture images rivalling those from professional cameras, it has been claimed.
Highly regarded Apple blogger John Gruber said sources at Apple have spoken of 'the biggest ever camera jump' for the next version of the hugely successful iPhone.The handset is expected to be revealed in September.
          The tip was revealed by Gruber in the latest episode of The Talk Show podcast, when he revealed he has heard 'from a birdie of a birdie' that Apple is working on the 'biggest camera jump ever' for the next iPhone.'The specific thing I heard is that next years camera might be the biggest camera jump ever,' he said.'I don't even know what sense this makes, but I've heard that it's some kind of weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery.' Via.daily mail

Wife stabs hubby to death over money

          What started as a mild argument over money turned tragic between a couple in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State after the wife stabbed her husband to death.
The incident happened on Wednesday, last week, on TK Balogun Street, Igbo Olomu, Ishawo.
 According to PUNCH Metro  the woman, Folashade Sodiya, 27, killed her husband, Jude Igbinedor, 39, around 2am after heated argument over money.
       They were said to have been in a seven-year relationship, though the union had not been consented to by the parents.They reportedly got married without approval of their parents and started living together two years ago, the suspect,is an indigene of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, had a one-year-old baby for the deceased, who was  Edo State indigene.
When Punch visited the area on Tuesday, a neighbour, Busola Adewunmi, explained to punch correspondent  that the couple had only recently relocated to the area.She added that the couple had barely spent five days in their single room apartment when tragedy struck.
          Adewunmi described them as gentle and respectful tenants, who complied with the rules of the house, adding that Folashade was, however, temperamental while her husband smoked.
She said, “They packed into this house penultimate Saturday morning, around 5am, and the incident happened on Wednesday morning.“On Tuesday, the wife had asked someone to lend her N1,000 pending when her husband would come back from his mother’s place where he had gone to.“The man arrived and even bought vegetables and other food stuffs for his family. In the evening, he came out and also washed the pots they used to cook that day.“It was around 2am that things went sore. I learnt she said he was the first to use a hanger to hit her before she also stabbed him in the chest.”The neighbours were said to have alerted policemen from the Owutu Police Division.
         Another resident,said when the police arrived at the scene, they met the suspect on the floor with her baby in her hands.The resident, who declined identification, said, “She had become remorseful by then. When the police picked the wrong knife as exhibit, she told them she used a stainless knife in killing her husband, which she also fetched for them. It was said that she wanted to take part of the money the husband brought from her mother to offset the money she borrowed, but he declined.“She never denied killing him. But she said he was the first to attack her and she only wanted to scare him with the knife.”The deceased’s corpse had been taken to the mortuary, while the suspect was detained at the Owutu Police Station.A police source told Punch correspondent that the suspect and the deceased had been having silent quarrels before the incident.
          The source said, “No one can tell what exactly caused this one. The woman, however, said her grouse with Jude was that he always gave her the impression he did her a favour by letting her have his child.“She said she was holding the knife that night to scare him and did not know when he rushed at her and the knife entered his chest.”
          When Punch correspondent contacted a relative of the deceased, he declined comment, referring our correspondent to the family lawyer whose contact could not be obtained as of press time.The Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, however, confirmed the incident.He said, “At about 1.15am on November 13, one Jude Igbinedor was stabbed on the chest by his wife, Folashade Shodiya. The victim died on the spot, while his corpse has been taken to the Ikorodu General Hospital morgue for autopsy.”He added that the case had been transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.

Tambuwal backs out of APC presidential contest


          The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, on Tuesday bowed to pressure and opted out of the race for the presidential ticket of the All Progressives Congress.
The Speaker made his decision public in a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Abuja.Tambuwal said the decision to suspend his bid was taken after due consultations and considerations of the overall interest of the party.He equally noted that going ahead with such a bid at this time, would alter calculations on the political chessboard of the party.
              The Speaker, however, stressed that he had what it takes to be the President of the country.This, he said, led him to embark on extensive consultations towards taking a decision as to whether or not to participate not to actualise a personal ambition, but rather to actualise “our dream for a new Nigeria.”The statement partly read, “Having consulted widely, taking into consideration the concerns of some elders of the party, I have decided to suspend my participation in the presidential contest for now.“I have done so as a sacrifice for the cohesion and unity of the APC. I am suspending my participation in the presidential race for now, because I do not have any inordinate ambition to occupy any office. Nigeria is a country too great to sacrifice on the altar of partisan politics and personal ambition. What anyone becomes in life is exclusively in the hands of God. Only God gives power to whoever He pleases.”
            He noted that since the news of the possibility of his participation in the presidential contest got into the public domain, it had generated monumental interest, analyses and commentary.Although he made no direct reference to his next political move, Tambuwal said, “I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and interest. On my part and with the greatest sense of modesty and responsibility, I wish to assure Nigerians that I am fully prepared, ready, willing, determined, available and armed with the requisite plans, programmes and ability, to undertake the great mission of rescuing our dear country from the clutches of institutionalised corruption, gross incompetence, greed and divisiveness.“I am prepared for the great task of rescuing Nigeria from the security problems, the scandalous youth unemployment, and the economic and social malaise that plague her.
          The Speaker expressed confidence that when given the chance, an APC government would operate a clean, corruption-free, competent and purposeful government to deal with the inexplicable paradoxes that had held the nation hostage for over 100 years.“I have carefully considered the concerns expressed by some of our leaders, whom I deeply respect and whose support and counsel I enjoy, to the effect that my entry into the presidential race at this point may necessitate having to rework some equations on the political chessboard of the party,” he said.While pledging his loyalty to the APC and the five presidential aspirant – Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Governor Rochas Okorocha and Mr. Sam Ndah- Isaiah, Tambuwal appealed for understanding.
         Inquiries from the APC National Secretariat on Tuesday evening, revealed that eventhough Tambuwal was speculated to be eyeing the governorship of Sokoto State, he had yet to pick an expression of interest or nomination forms.Via.punch


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