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Hangover: 3 ways to recover from festive boozing as approved by scientists

    The Christmas party season is almost in full swing, and if you’re hell bent on letting your hair down, chances are you’ll be feeling dog rough the morning after.Fortunately, science is here to help you.You can put your faith in the traditional hangover remedies of water, paracetamol and a bacon sandwich if you like, but there are better scientific remedies out there.Here are two of the finest cures for the morning after - as approved by proper scientist types!

  1. Sprite  = Yes, the popular fizzy lemon-lime drink makes it on to the list, thanks to the findings of some Chinese researchers.They studied 57 different drinks, looking at how they dealt with the body’s natural metabolic break down of alcohol the morning after. Xue bi, the Chinese version of Sprite came out on top, closely followed by soda water.Drunk hippies might be gutted to learn that herbal tea was shown to prolong a hangover rather than cure it.
  2. Hair of the dog = It seems that it isn't just a myth – the thing that doesn't quite kill you could actually make you stronger.Science agrees that more alcohol is one of the ways to alleviate a stinking hangover, as a result of its ability to increase feelings of pleasure in the brain.
    The downside is that you’ll find yourself on a one way road to chronic alcoholism, and if and when you do quit, the comedown will be horrific.
  3. RU-21  = Created by the KGB just after the Second World War, this secret drug was designed to keep agents sober so that they could out drink their opponents before helping themselves to their secrets.It didn't stop them from getting drunk but it did block the toxic chemical acetaldehyde, which damages tissues and leads to hangovers.RU-21 was popular among hell-raising Hollywood stars a decade or so ago, as it allowed them to party while appearing fresh-faced on set the next morning. Via.mirror uk

Nyanya Bombing Suspect,Ogwuche seeks 100m compensation from Federal Government

     The alleged mastermind of the April 14 twin bomb explosion that killed over 75 persons and wounded 100 others at a crowded motor park in Nyanya Abuja, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, has demanded the Federal Government to pay him the sum of N100million as damages for unlawful detention.In a suit filed by his lawyer Mr. Ahmed Raji, SAN, he also demanded a published apology in two national dailies.He also requested that the court should make an order releasing him on bail and preventing the DSS from further arresting or detaining him, or in the alternative charge him to court within 48 hours of the court granting his orders. He argued that it was illegal for the DSS to still retain the accused person in its custody without arranging him over the commission of any act of criminality.Ogwuche insisted that his continued detention in the custody of the Department of State Security, DSS, amounted to ‎a gross abuse of his fundamental human rights On November 24, the two-count charge brought against Ogwuche was struck out by a Federal High Court in Abuja

No Chill Zone: Rihanna shares funny Instagram Meme of her baby cousin majesty photoshopped to look like her

     Roc Nation badgal Rihanna has never been one to lack a sense of humor and she recently joined in on some Instagram meme foolery courtesy of an altered picture of her adorable baby cousin.Majesty.Rih-Rih shared this precious snapshot of little miss Majesty in the bath tub last week…

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Photo of the evening

Wiz Khalifa showing off a big ole bulge in his undies,with model Carla Howe

Did Kim K West meet with a divorce lawyer after being ditched Yeezus On Thanksgiving?

      On a scale of 1-10, how mad would you be if your spouse left you all alone with your toddler on Thanksgiving?Sources are saying that while Kim has been playing it cool for the public she’s considering leaving Kanye…
     Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West is a sham and the attention-seeking couple is headed for divorce.That’s what a source is telling In Touch about Kimye in shocking new claims.According to the insider, the newlyweds have a rocky relationship and it’s all because of West’s controlling behavior.But for Kardashian, 34, the final straw came when the moody rapper ditched her on Thanksgiving.Last week the reality star tweeted to her millions of followers that she was having a perfect holiday.“Happy Thanksgiving!” she wrote.“I’m so thankful to have spent the day with my whole family over at Khloe’s house today!”“Khloe cooked so much yummy food!”But it was all a front.In reality West, 37, spent Thanksgiving thousands of miles away with friends in Paris, France.
“Kim was furious he dumped her and North for the holiday and mortified that she had to show up at Khloe’s [house] alone,” the insider says.
    “It was the last straw for her. She’s getting ready to file divorce papers.”In fact – the source claims – Kardashian has already consulted a top L.A. divorce lawyer.Her rep denies it, but in early November, the reality TV star allegedly met with the high-powered attorney.The source says: “They shut down an elevator for her to go up to the lawyer’s office.”“Kim was very secretive about it.”
Kardashian reportedly fears divorcing West will descend into a mudslinging match. But the insider alleges she is much more fearful of a contentious custody battle over North.“He wants to take North to France, which is Kim’s worst nightmare,” the source says.“She will fight him with everything she’s got.”We can only imagine that matrimony-dom with Yeezus has to be a bit, difficult. Do you think these two will work it out, or will it be over by 2015? Via RadarOnline reports

Amber Rose Shows Off Her Waist Trainer And Body

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celeb to use a body shaping corset to help achieve a teeny waist.

Amber Rose is now on the body shaping bandwagon!“Thanksgiving is over its time to get back poppin in my waist shaper by @premadonna87 #WaistGang,” the 31-year-old showed off on her Instagram.She already has a booty that rivals Kim’s famous posterior, now Amber’s looking to get that same cinched waistline!

Check out Ibinabo Fiberesima's wedding invitation

  Mother of three and AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima will marry the love of her life, Uche Egbuka, come Dec 19th. Congratulations and wishing them all the Fearless love they can get.

Brazil's Miss BumBum contestant in serious condition after botched plastic surgery procedure

This sounds all bad. We’re praying she pulls through!!!
    A Brazilian model who competed to be Miss BumBum is in serious condition after a botched procedure to cosmetically enhance her thighs.Andressa Urach — who placed second in Brazil’s annual curvy backside competition to locate the best butts in the country in 2012, and claimed she had an affair with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo — is in bad shape and in need of a breathing apparatus after the botched surgery, according to the Brazilian news agency
    The 27-year-old, who has received much attention for the size of her rump, had doctors implant hydrogel into her thigh area on Nov. 21. But an infection occurred and she was hospitalized Saturday at Conception Hospital in Porto Alegre. The body part was drained Monday and the hospital said the procedure went well, the outlet reported.Her mother Marisete of Favari asked for prayers on her daughter’s behalf.“I ask everyone to pray a lot, because I’m sure that my dear Jesus is wonderful and will cure it,” she said in a statement, according to the agency.
     The model also made headlines earlier this year when she claimed she made a booty call to Ronaldo and that the Real Madrid star was “obsessed with my butt.”“It was incredible, his body’s perfect, like a Greek god. He went on for hours and would not stop talking about my butt,” she said after one supposed meeting.She also claimed they slept together before one of Ronaldo’s Champions League games in 2013.She also famously greeted the Portuguese player while naked during his team’s practice at the World Cup in Brazil this summer and walked around wearing only body paint at the sporting event.Ronaldo has denied any affair took place. In a statement he claimed the allegations were “pure fiction and forgery,” and the model was “seeking the limelight on my account,”ViiaNY Daily News reports

Horror moment baby in strapped in pram rolls onto train tracks caught on CCTV

     An eighteen-month-old girl was sitting in her buggy while a man, thought to be her granddad, had his back turned and was looking at a ticket machine.While his back is turned the horror slowly begins to unfold as the little girl's buggy beings to roll away from him.
     Still strapped in, the tot falls face first onto the tracks at Diamond Creek Railway Station in Melbourne, Australia. When the man turns around he immediately realizes what has happened, runs to the edge of the platform and tries to jump down.Other commuters assist him and one woman and a man also get onto the track to help him lift the girl and the buggy away from danger.Incredibly there were no trains passing at the time.One witness told Melbourne radio station 3AW: "The child's head hit the steel rail and gave it a significant head injury around the eye-socket."The child was taken to hospital where she is said to be in a stable condition.


Awwww: Headmaster caught giving oral sex to maths teacher has committed suicide


     Married headmaster who was allegedly caught by the school’s students giving oral sex to a female math’s teacher has killed himself. The 41-year-old father of two, Drago Kamenik, was found dead over the weekend. The police confirmed it was a suicide, but gave no further details. Education officials have responded to the case by announcing a hunt to find those responsible by putting the entire school in Slovenia under investigation to find out who filmed it and spread it. The 45-year old female math’s teacher, Manja Mertelj, is said to be on sick leave and has not said anything yet. The suicide case has raised questions in Slovenia on whether the media should have published the images and how ethical it was to have done so.

Solange Knowles looks stunning in yellow for first performance as a married woman

     Married life certainly suits Solange Knowles. Beyonce's sister looked stunning as she hit an event in Miami dressed in a gorgeously bright yellow top with floaty cape and matching trousers. We almost believed it was summer again. The newlywed, who tied the knot with videographer Alan Ferguson last month, belted out tunes at the IWC Schaffhausen and DuJour Magazine's Jason Binn celebration of Timeless Portofino during Art Basel Miami Beach.
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Are Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Putting a stop to their divorce?


      First it seemed to be all Lamar, but lately Khloe has really been dragging her feet with her divorce proceedings. Could it be that Bruce’s words of advice struck a chord? Khloe Kardashian, 30, may have changed her name on Twitter but she’s still Mrs. Khloe Kardashian Odom on paper.
Khloe filed for divorce from Lamar Odom on Dec. 13, 2013 and almost one year later, neither of them have gone through with the rest of the divorce filings. Khloe could have reportedly filed a motion to restore her “single status” even if Lamar refused to sign the papers.
     Even though she has been dating French Montana, there is no indication that Khloe is moving forward with the divorce, according to Life & Style. The Superior Court of California County has even sent them a notice as recently of Oct. 9, “alerting both Lamar and Khloe that their divorce is not complete — and once again, she didn’t respond” the magazine states.If they don’t make a decision soon the court will ask them to show up for something called a status conference where they will then decide whether to call the whole thing off or get divorced.Khloe took to Instagram on Dec. 2 and this is what she wrote:

Nicki Minaj Reveals Engagement and Teenage Pregnancy on New Track

       Nicki Miniaj is sitting her booty bouncing antics aside and digging deeper on her latest track. The intensely private MC is opening up on family, relationships, and even a pregnancy she experienced as a teenager on a recently linked single off her hotly anticipated The Pink Print album, entitled “All Things Go.” The leaked track has been snatched down from most media outlets due to a copyright issue, but you can peep the lyrics here. 
     Nicki Minaj is one to keep her private life private, but on her third studio album, The Pinkprint, the rapper is laying bare. She opens her third The Pinkprint with one of her most vulnerable and sincere songs to date, “All Things Go.”“All Things Go” — produced by Boi-1day, Vinylz, and Allen Ritter and co-written by Ester Dean — features Minaj speaking candidly verse by verse.On the first verse, the 31-year-old rapper admits to hesitantly accepting a proposal 10 years ago (“Ten years ago was when you proposed/ I looked down… ‘Yes, I suppose'”), while on the second verse she addresses her little cousin’s death, which still haunts her (“Ni–as trying to kill him/ He ain’t even call me/ And that’s a reflection of me, yes I get it, I get it was all me/ I’ll pop a pill and remember the look in his eyes the last day he saw me”).
     On third verse, she details why she’s protective over her relationship with her mother and brothers, including her younger brother Caiah (“The more I work, the more I feel like somehow they’re neglected”).She closes the verse revealing that she lost a baby of hers and her ex’s 16 years ago. (“My child with Aaron would have been 16, any minute/ So in some ways I feel like Caiah is the both of them/ It’s like he’s Caiah’s little angel, looking over him”).Wow. Nicki is getting a whole lot more introspective than usual for this new track. We wonder what other surprises she has up her sleeve for the rest of The Pink Print. Via Billboard

Happy 45th birthday to Jay-Z

The King of Hip-Hop Jay-Z is celebrating his  birthday today.

'Hawt'(a chiefly US spelling of Hot) make Oxford dictionary d├ębut: Word among 1,000 new entries including 'Fone’ and 'Duck face'


    You can perhaps blame cycling knight Bradley Wiggins for them clogging up the country roads every weekend.
    Now MAMILs – or middle-aged men in Lycra, to give them their full name - have pedalled into the latest edition of the online Oxford Dictionary too.It defines as a MAMIL as 'a middle-aged man who is a very keen road cyclist, typically one who rides an expensive bike and wears the type of clothing associated with professional cyclists'.The word is among 1,000 new entries added today(thurs) to the free online dictionary, which is updated quarterly and prides itself on tracking new and emerging word trends.
     MAMIL has been in use since at least 2010 after research by retail analyst Mintel suggested there had been a surge in men of a certain age taking up cycling when they might once have invested in a motorcycle or sports car.The phenomenon of middle aged men buying an expensive bicycle then intensified after Sir Bradley's success in the Tour de France and Olympics in 2012.
Celebrity fans of slipping on the Lycra and saddling up include actor and Spandau Ballet guitarist Gary Kemp, 55, who once said: 'I'm obsessed, I've done all the major routes of the Tour de France, including the hill climbs.'
     But while there is an amusing side to words such as MAMIL and other new entries like 'al desko', an adjective referring to eating while working at one's desk in an office, or 'fresh-air fiend', meaning a person who is very keen on outdoor activities, some other new entries have been criticised because they risk encouraging children to spell common words incorrectly. The Plain English Campaign said the inclusion of 'fone' (meaning phone), 'hawt' (a chiefly US spelling of hot), 'mahoosive' (meaning exceptionally big) and 'tomoz' (an informal version of tomorrow) could cause problems if youngsters see them and think those are the correct spellings.
     Another new entry is 'duck face', defined as 'an exaggerated pouting expression in which the lips are thrust outwards, typically made by a person posing for a photograph'.Yesterday(wed) Judy Pearsall, editorial director for Oxford Dictionaries, said: 'One of the benefits of our unique language monitoring programme is that it enables us to track in detail how English language evolves over relatively short periods of time. For instance, in this age of the selfie perhaps it's no surprise that average monthly usage of the term duck face is 35 per cent higher in 2014 than it was last year. Finance and business remains a major influence on English, with many terms from there included in the online dictionary today for the first time too.
    These include 'flash crash', which is Stock Exchange slang for an extremely rapid decline in the price of a commodity, and 'misery index', an informal measure of the state of an economy generated by adding together its rate of inflation and its rate of unemployment.New words, senses, and phrases are added to once its editors have gathered enough independent evidence from a range of sources to be confident that they have widespread currency in English, a spokesman said.Via.daily mail

NDIC recovers N25bn from liquidated bank debtors


     The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation said it recovered a sum of N25.31bn from debtors of liquidated banks as of December 2013.The figure represents an increase of N630m over the amount of N24.68bn which was recovered as of December 2012.
    Similarly, it said a total of N60.02m was realized from debtors of closed microfinance banks in 2013, as against N42.9m recovered in 2012.The corporation in its 2013 annual report and statement of account for the banking sector said the amounts were recovered as part of its resolution mechanism following the failure of the liquidated banks.The report, a copy of which was made available to our correspondent, was jointly signed by the NDIC Board Chairman, Dr. Hassan Adamu, and the Managing Director, Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim.
     It said the corporation had in the year under review improved on its supervisory activities in order to protect depositors by ensuring that ‘unsafe and unsound’ banking practices were minimized.This, it stated, was done through on-site examination and off-site surveillance.The on-site surveillance, it noted, was done through routine, special, target examinations and investigations.
     This, the report stated, had helped the corporation realize a sum of N19.77bn from the disposal of physical assets of closed banks in 2013 as against N19.74bn in 2012.Similarly, it said the sum of N173.3m was realized from the disposal of physical assets of closed banks in 2013 as against N157.12m in 2012.It said, “The NDIC continued to play its role as the liquidator of closed insured institutions through asset realization and payment of liquidation dividends to uninsured depositors and other eligible claimants during the year under review.“In terms of asset realization, the NDIC recovered a cumulative sum of N25.31bn from debtors of the DMBs in liquidation at the end of 2013 as against N24.68bm recovered in 2012.“Similarly, a total cumulative recovery of N60.02m was realized from debtors of closed MFBs in 2013 as against N42.9m realized in 2012, representing an increase of N17.12m or 39.91 per cent.”
     The report put the total number of closed DMBs in liquidation for which the NDIC had obtained winding up orders as of December 31, 2013 at 45.Some of them are Financial Merchant Bank Limited, Kapital Merchant Bank, Alpha Merchant Bank, United Commercial Bank, Abacus Merchant Bank, Allied Bank, Century Merchant Bank, Commerce Bank Plc, Continental Merchant Bank Plc, and Crown Merchant Bank.Similarly, out of the 103 MFBs whose licenses were revoked by the CBN in September 2010, the report stated that the NDIC had successfully closed 95 while the locations of eight could not be traced as of December 31, 2013.In the same vein, out of the 23 Primary Mortgage Banks whose licences were revoked in August 2012, only five were located while 18 had yet to be located for closure as of end of last year, it stated.Via.punch

Miley Cyrus wears her boobs on her T-shirt in her latest outrageous outfit

     Miley Cyrus’ sense of style has well and truly gone out of the window as the star was seen rocking a boob top earlier today.
    The Wrecking Ball hit maker is now synonymous with her trashy style, after hitting the stage in her tiny outfits to her marijuana leaf earrings – but today, she outdid herself.
The blonde starlet was pictured on her way to rehearsals in Miami ahead of her Art Basel performance in the city tonight.Miley, 22, was thought to be toning down her outrageous outfits after she started dating Patrick Schwarzenegger – after all he is part of the Kennedy family.
But it’s a hell no from Miley.

  After sporting a more toned down, preppy style when the pair was spotted kissing at a USC Football game, Miley quickly reverted back to her outlandish style for her birthday.

Na wa oo!!! 13-year-old Girl flees home with suspected lover

     The police in Lagos are battling to find a 13-year-old girl, Chikwuo Ezennia, who reportedly fled her house with a yet-to-be-identified man, suspected to be her lover.
     PUNCH Metro reports that Ezennia, who is in Basic 4, had come to Lagos from Nneni village in the Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State to spend her holiday with her relatives. She, however, fled her relatives’ apartment on Ishola Bello Close, Iyalla Street, Alausa, Lagos, in the afternoon of Thursday, November 20, when the family had gone out.It was gathered that when the girl’s aunt, Mrs. Ambrose Okolo, and her husband returned from work at about 6pm, Ezennia was nowhere to be found. During the initial search for her, some neighbours told the Okolos that they saw the teenager walking away with a man in the afternoon. Ezennia was said to have told the neighbours that her aunt maltreated her and had travelled away for a week. Hence, she would be staying with a friend during that period.
     PUNCH Metro learnt that the family reported the matter at the Alausa Police Division the following day. The police invited some persons, who allegedly saw the girl, for interrogation.Ezennia, who speaks only Igbo fluently, was supposed to return to her village by the end of December. It was further learnt that Ezennia had a record of fleeing home to stay with men when she was in the village in Anambra.When PUNCH Metro visited the apartment on Tuesday, Okolo, who is a self-employed chartered accountant, said the family was anxious to know the supposed lover, who had been shielding the girl, adding that all efforts to locate her had proved unsuccessful. She said: “Ezennia is just 13,but she looks big enough to be called a man’s wife. If you see her, you will think she is a lady. She just came from the village to spend some time with us and she is supposed to go back this December. But since that Thursday, we have yet to find her. The reason i suspect she may be with a lover is because of some recent developments. Just a week before that incident, i travelled to Benue for a program, and she was alone with my children in the house. There is a phone that my children use which contains only my number and my husband’s. But when she fled home and we started the search, i picked up the phone and to my surprise, i saw a string of strange numbers. The children said Ezennia used the phone when i travelled.I wondered who she might have been calling since she is new in Lagos.”PUNCH Metro learnt that calls and text messages sent to the numbers by the family since the day of the incident had not been replied to. Efforts they made to obtain Ezennia’s photograph were unsuccessful as the teenager had yet to take any since she arrived in Lagos.

     The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident. He said Ezennia was still on the police’s list of missing persons.“If seen, the public should contact Alausa Police Station,” he added.

Ex-Bayelsa Gov. Alamieyeseigha’s Son Allegedly Died Of Drug Overdose

     Contrary to the widely publicized report that Oyamuyefa Alamieyeseigha, son of a former Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, was murdered in Dubai, The Capital has exclusively gathered that excessive consumption of a banned substance was responsible for the untimely death of the 24-year old dude. A reliable source who is in the know revealed that the young Alamieyeseigha collapsed after allegedly taking a drug overdose which reacted in his system in Dubai, UAE on Saturday October 11, 2014. 
     The initial report of Oyamuyefa stated that he was found dead by the staircase of his father’s house in Dubai UAE. This created a general impression that he was killed by unknown assailants. Our source however insisted that the Alamieyeseighas have been hiding the truth from the public to save them of the embarrassment likely to be caused by the revelation. 
     Shortly after the incident Alamieyeseigha jetted out to Dubai to see things for himself. The body of the deceased has since been flown in and buried in Nigeria. Late Oyamuyefa lived a flamboyant lifestyle as a student in the Asian country before his untimely death.

Via. The Capital


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