Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nobody should vote in the coming elections - Etcetera

   Some people have accused me of not liking politicians, so let me set the record straight. I don’t! They have done more harm to our nation than the military (their first cousins). At no period in our nationhood has the opportunity for reversing the dehumanizing nature of a politically corrupt society like ours been greater.

Jonathan to campaign in Borno today

   Two weeks after visiting the Boko Haram insurgency-ridden Maiduguri, Borno State, President Goodluck Jonathan will again visit the state to campaign for next month’s election.

I fulfilled my 2011 campaign promises – Goodluck Jonathan

   President Goodluck Jonathan Friday said he had fulfilled the promises he made to Nigerians during his 2011 campaign.

Charly Boy writes open letter to Pope Francis


   Maverick entertainer, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy has written one of the most respected world leaders, Pope Francis, an open letter.  He showered encomiums on the priest and revealed how he once planned to be a priest himself.

Beyonce Scares the Crap Out of Etsy ... Don't Screw with My Name!

   Ya’ll know the website People normally go on there to find cute African printed garments and other unique items, it’s like an Amazon meets Pinterest kind of website, you can virtually find any trendy thing on there. Well Beyonce has now caught wind of the website using her name and her likeness and she’s saying cut it out!

Kim Kardashian Says She Wishes Paparazzi Wouldn’t Have Photographed Her While She Was Pregnant

  Kim Kardashian Says She Wishes Paparazzi Wouldn’t Have Photographed Her While She Was Pregnant.

   Reality star Kim Kardashian knows all too well how the paparazzi can affect the lives of public figures and she even seems to embrace it most times, but she recently admitted that her pregnancy was not one of those times.

“Not Smiling Makes Me Smile” - Kenye West

   He often scowls when photographed in public.

An Evil Spirit Always Possesses Me-60 -yr old man who sleeps with 14-yr old daughter


    “I cannot remember what I did. An evil spirit always possesses me and as soon as I am done, I will regain my senses. Most especially, my daughter never resisted whenever I touch her. I am terribly sor­ry; it is the devil. I have even attended different deliverance services, hoping that God will save me.”

65-yr-old man nabbed while trying to transfer money from murdered man's account

   A look at 65-year-old Akpan Joseph , will never pass him for a fraudster, owing to his seemingly calm disposition. But he is currently cooling his heels at the dreaded Lagos State Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Ikeja. Reason? He was reported to have gone to one of the Ilorin branches of a first generation bank,on January 7, 2015, posing as one of the account holders , who had come to transfer the sum of N1 million from his supposed account , into two separate accounts.

Presidential Election 2015 - Man knocks out friend’s reeth while arguing heatedly

   Two friends threw decorum to the wind at Old Ojo Road in Agboju area of Lagos State when they fought over who becomes the winner of the 2015 presidential election.

Halima Abubakar :I wanted to commit suicide because i was Broke

   Remember when actress Halima Abubakar said she wanted to commit suicide after going into depression ? She has now opened up on the real reason she was in that state of mind..She was broke!She told Punch

Notorious Armed Robber Built Mansion With Robbery Proceeds

   A trader at Alaba International market, Ojo, Lagos, western Nigeria, and leader of an 8-man trans-border robbery gang, Nnamdi John, has confessed that he led a successful robbery operation during which they carted away N100 million, PM News reports.


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