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Photo of World’s Most Humane Prison

  I need to get to Norway ASAP and what petty crime do I need to commit in Norway to get tossed in there? 
Haha !
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Gun shots heard at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa

 Armed RCMP officers guard the front of Langevin Block on Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa October 22, 2014.

A gunman shot a soldier at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa and was then chased by police into the main parliament building, where at least 30 more shots were fired, according to media and eyewitness reports on Wednesday.
Parliament was locked down and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had left the building safely as police converged on the area.
As the situation developed, CBC News said in a tweeted news alert that more shots were fired near parliament and the gunman was still at large.
Police and tactical teams had converged on the area.
The wounded soldier was taken into an ambulance where medical personnel could be seen giving him cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
The shooting comes two days after an Islamic convert ran down two Canadian soldiers with his car, killing one, near Montreal, before being shot and killed by police.
A construction worker on the scene told Reuters he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards parliament with a gun.
The man stopped a black car at gunpoint and hijacked it, construction worker Scott Walsh told Reuters. The driver got out safely, then the man drove the car to the Centre Block on Parliament Hill, where construction work is underway.
The gunman rushed past a woman with a child in a stroller, who ran away screaming. He did not attack the woman or child, Walsh said.
Centre Block is the main building at Parliament Hill, a sprawling complex of buildings and open space in downtown Ottawa. It contains the House of Commons and Senate chambers, as well as the offices of some members of parliament, senators, and senior administration for both legislative houses.
A Globe and Mail reporter in Centre Block on Parliament Hill tweeted that the building was under lockdown after "at least one shooter burst in and opened fire".

One member of parliament, Mark Strahl, tweeted from inside parliament: "Very tense situation in Ottawa this morning. Multiple gun shots fired outside of our caucus room. I am safe and in lockdown. Unbelievable."

Photo of the evening

Peter Okoye captioned it "Emeka just arrived from London .
Please is this picture real ?

Pres Jonathan reshuffles his cabinet,appoints temporary ministers

President Jonathan has reshuffled his cabinet, following the resignation of seven ministers last week,by  appointing temporary ministers to take up the positions of those that resigned.

Announcing this today October 22nd after the Federal Executive Council, the  Minister of State II for Foreign Affairs, Nurudeen Mohammed who now supervises the  Ministry of Information, said the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Aliyu Gusau will now double as the Minister of State for Defence while the Minister of Special Duties, Taminu Turaki (SAN) will act as the Supervising Minister of Labour and Productivity. Continue...

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, will combine his duties with those of the Minister of State for same Ministry while the Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, Dr Steven Oru, will double as the Minister of State of the same ministry. Dr. Khaliru Alhassan, who is the Minister of State for Health is to now act as the Minister of Health.

President Jonathan also directed the Minister of State I for Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Viola Onwuliri to assume the position of the substantive Minister of State for Education. She will be the only one working in substantive capacity. All others will be working in active capacity

Uche Ogbodo talks about being a mother,crashed marriage and says she's willing to try again

Actress Uche Ogbodo, whose marriage to Atto Ubby crashed after just one month, says she's open to giving marriage another try but this time, with her eyes wide open. Uche, who gave birth to a baby girl a few months back, said there is no possibility of reconciling with her ex husband. Speaking with Encomium magazine, Uche said;...

    "Bygone is Bygone. I am open to anything. I will be hopeful but I am not ready. I am taking a long break but I wouldn't close my eyes to the possibility of marriage. I will shine my eyes next time"Uche also talked about the best thing about being a mother. "The Unconditional love and Unquestionable love. This is someone loving you unconditionally. It is quite difficult to explain the love between mother and child" she said

 "The first scan said I had twins but along the way, one did not grow. I had another scan it was still a boy, then another it was still a boy. Not until I got to America that the scan said it was a girl. All through I was having different dreams. In the dream, it was a baby girl I was seeing. Someone even wanted to give me a girl in the dream but I rejected it. I didn't buy baby things until I was seven months. Even at that I bought Unisex things" she said

Chike Ike dazzles in pink bikini in her rented luxury yacht

She sure knows how to live her life to the fullest 

Enjoy girl.

Ebube Essien Garricks :The MTN Aeroplane girl speaks on how she spent the money ( N 64m )

Miss Ebube Essien-Garricks, who won the MTN Ultimate Wonder promo  (N64million) in 2012  has revealed how she spent the money in an exclusive chat with Ynaija....she now looks finer too! See excerpts and her new photos below:

How the ‘win’ was celebrated:
It was really an amazing thing that happened to me, I’m yet to get over the excitement. Not any one can be lucky like I was and I am still very grateful to God. My family threw me a party to celebrate but it was an in-house thing, it wasn’t an elaborate one, just private family celebration. We didn’t invite outsiders to avoid being kidnapped, lol.
You have been off the radar, why is that?
Yes and that’s because I am presently studying business information system in Malaysia. I left Nigeria in May, 2013.

Why Malaysia?
Actually I wanted to go to Georgia but my ticket wasn’t ready by then, so I settled for here and I really like it here anyway.
But you were already studying at the Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology
Yes but I had to quit, I couldn’t go back to complete my studies because the whole winning incident made me popular in school, everyone would point at me, try to be friends with me and all….. I was known all over which the school and I had to leave for security reasons, i didn’t feel safe.
After paying your tithe offering, what was the first thing you bought from the money?
I let it breath fresh air in the bank, then I bought lots of land…I didn’t acquire houses or cars because that is not the main thing for now, moreover I’m not available to look over them so I settled for lands, it’s a safer investment. I would acquire the other properties with time.
And your parents?

I have settled my parents and I am taking good care of them but let me point out that we were doing okay even before I won the money; we had our own family house before then too.
You didn’t go shopping at all…get new stuffs, change your wardrobe?
Yes I did. I changed my wardrobe, bought new stuffs for me and my family but I’m not a shopping freak.
What has changed about you since the win?
Nothing much. I am still the humble me, the person I used to be. The money doesn’t make me misbehave because God detests the proud.
You once said you will buy machines, work for yourself and be an employer of labour, have you fulfilled this yet?
Not really, plans change, and I am not in that field any more as I am studying something else now but if God permits, then it will be done.
Let’s talk about your love life. After you won the money, you said you had lots of toasters?
Hahahaha it gave me headache. They all came because of the money you know…many of them got my contact from my sisters, they would call me to make empty promises, one of them even went as far as saying he’ll build a big house for my mum and also take me abroad, imagine!
They went as far as calling to ask my parents if I am married…but it’s all good now, since I relocated here, everything has died down.
I am now in a relationship and I will get married in due season.

Would you return to Nigeria after your studies or settle fully in Malaysia?
I will only visit. I am working on being an international business woman, but don’t ask me what I intend supplying, lol.
So have you exhausted all the N64 million?
Haba, no not really, I still have some left
Any advise to the Nigerian youths:
Youths should be patient and wait for their time, God’s time is the best, thank you!

10 reasons why women are their own enemies by Toyin Aimakhu a most read

Toyin Aimakhu is a popular Nollywood actress from Auchi, in Edo State, better known for her roles in Yoruba movies just  Shared 10 reasons why women are their own enemies.

Parenting 101: it is another baby boy for Laide Bakare (photos)

 Yoruba movie star, Laide Bakare have  birth to another baby boy in New York, United States..

A woman who went to her GP for a suspected kidney infection ended up giving birth

Read her story below

A woman who went to her GP for a suspected kidney infection ended up giving birth in the treatment room - and says she had no idea she was pregnant. 
Clare Evans, 24, from Newport, South Wales, visited an out-of-hours surgery complaining of pains in her abdomen.
Doctors had advised her over the phone that she might have a kidney infection, but when she arrived at the surgery her waters broke That afternoon she gave birth to baby Erin Louise Roberts, weighing in at 6lbs 12oz, in the treatment room at the surgery. 

Ms Evans said: 'They told me on the phone that they suspected I had a kidney infection, so advised me to come in later on that day.
'When I got to the surgery I was in quite a lot of pain and because they thought it was an infection, asked me to give a urine sample.
'But when I went to the toilet my waters broke.'
'I love motherhood, even though it was completely unexpected I wouldn't change it for the world' she says of the shock pregnancy
Ms Evans was rushed into the treatment room at the surgery and after being examined by a doctor she was told staff could see a head and that she was nine centimetres dilated.
She said: 'I was so shocked; I told them that I didn't know I was pregnant. 
'My life changed then and there in a matter of seconds.
'I had no signs of pregnancy, I didn't have any morning sickness and I didn't have a bump.
'The first sign was the pain I experienced that morning.'
Although the on-call midwife and an ambulance were called, Ms Evans' contractions were so close together she was unable to go in the ambulance.
Baby Erin had to be delivered at the surgery there and then by the GP, Dr Susan Emerson, her partners and the midwife.
Ms Evans, who was full term, managed the 30 minute birth with no pain relief.
Mother and baby were then taken to Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital to be checked over, but they were both healthy and discharged.  

Ms Evans, a first-time mother, said: 'I love motherhood, even though it was completely unexpected i would't change it for the world.

Politics : Jim Iyke is now a politician

Jim Iyke has followed the  footsteps of some his colleagues,and joined politics. See the report according to Daily Independent 

According to Dailyindependent ,Jim Iyke  explained that the vision of the party is to empower and promote Nigerian youths within and outside the shore of the country.He said
"We just want to say enough is enough. It is time power and our policies shift hands to fresher minds, to stronger fortes, to people that are ready to move with the momentum of time, tide and changes. But it cannot be conceivable if you are saddled in that position for over two decades? How can you grow? How can you go with the tide of time? Biologically too, time will catch up with you because you are growing old in that position.(continue)....

"Look at advanced countries of the world, and take a close look at people that have moved forward, these are people who have put things in place so that changes will be constant. Refreshment of minds, ideas, psychology, idiosyncrasies will be constant except for Nigeria.
"The same circle of people that governed us 20 years ago are the same people who are still ruling us, what are they still doing there? So many of them are in their 80s, grandfathers by all rights! Are they not tired? Suffering and smiling has become our motto, our slogan", 

"There are black men of strong background and strong voice abroad. We have them everywhere. There is a rippling effect, that whatsoever resonates here touches the whole world. This is the strongest economy, the most populous black nation in the world. You cannot say that what we are doing concerns Nigerians alone. It concerns Africa, in the weight of what we are doing, we are carrying everybody along.
"We are not saying that this is a revolution or we are here to manipulate anybody, no. It is an open and closed book. This change may not happen in this era but it is a right step in the right direction at least there is a voice which hitherto was none existence. There is a platform where you can air your grievances. It is a truthful and open platform."

Army arraigns five more soldiers over mutiny

It’s the season of court-martials in the Nigerian army.
Five more soldiers were on Tuesday arraigned before an army court martial at the Abacha Barracks in Abuja. Two counts of mutiny and conspiracy to commit mutiny were brought against them, and they pleaded not guilty to both counts.
The names of the five accused persons who all belong to the 81 Battalion of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army are Lance Corporals Bankole Taiwo, Ayodele Olawale, Sule Ochehepo, Isaiah Olofu and Adebayo Gbenga. The five men allegedly conspired to incite other personnel of 81 Battalion to commit mutiny at Gubio Base Camp, Maiduguri, on September 13 and 14, 2014.
According to the charges against them, the five men also fired sporadically, abandoned their weapons and made instigating comments and acted in ways intended to incite soldiers of 81 Battalion to mutiny on the same days and at the same location.
Since last week, journalists have been barred from covering the trial of soldiers at the court-martial.

Teaching assistant sent away from Catholic school because her arms and neck are covered in tattoos

A mother of two Charlotte Tumilty was sent away from her new job in a Catholic School because of her neck,legs and arms are coverd in tattoos '
Charlotte was offered the role as a teaching assistance at St John Vianney's primary School in Hartlepool as part of her of teacher training course

But within an hour of turning up for her first day, she claims she was sent home because of her body art - and she insists she cannot cover up the tattoos in order to return to the school.
See her pics below.

Kimberley Garner shows off her long legs in a black thigh-skimming dress

More photos below




Awkward! Sofia Vergara ignores ex Fiancée on the red carpet ( photos)

Sofia Vergara had a rather awkward encounter with her ex fiancee on the red carpet on Monday night. 
The 42-year-old actress Sofia Vergara was approached by Nick Loeb, 39, while she was giving an interview at New York's Angel Ball.
The Modern Family actress was talking to Extra TV about Magic Mike XXL when he swept in behind her, flashed a smile and said it was nice to see her.
photos belew

Sofia, who split from Nick in May this year, hardly gave him the time of day and promptly turned around to face the cameras and continued her interview with AJ Calloway.

The timing proved to be especially awkward since Vergara has been dating 37-year-old Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello since the split with Loeb.

Whether Loeb planned the meeting or just happened to pass by his former fiancee, he didn't get much of a reaction on the carpet.  

Toke Makinwa talks about pressure of getting pregnant after marriage

Toke Makinwa
See the tweets below

As in? Earth to it all... Very soon Pastor talk will enter RT : hahahahaha our African aunties never leave us alone! Smh

Nicki Minaj Kicks Boyfriend To The Curb

Nicki Minaj has a message for her ex ... if you didn't wanna be a superstar so damn bad, you'd still be sleeping in my bed.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... Nicki cut the relationship off -- after 14 years -- because he became uncontrollably jealous of her success ... success he wanted for himself.

We're told Nicki and Safaree had an arrangement -- she's the breadwinner and he's the backup singer/hype man/personal assistant.  But we're told Safaree was getting sick of being in the background and had become increasingly hostile ... an emotion she reciprocated.

We hear the final straw was when Safaree didn't show up recently to one of Nicki's shows, leaving her scrambling for a hype man.  She confronted him and he went crazy.

Breakup rumors spread this week when Safaree showed up in public with several of his Nicki tats covered up.

Looks like he's got a lot more work to do now.

Family To Consult Juju Priest over Clem Onyeka's death

More to be heard on the tragic death of a popular Nollywood actor, Clems Onyeka, who was alleged killed by suspected armed robbers, in Asaba, Delta State.
His relations said they had resolved to take the case to a juju priest so as to get to the root of the matter,while granting interview to Leadership Newspaper. 

A relative, Patrick Onyeka told Leadership Newspaper that the family members took the decision because they do not believe the “stray bullet story” as claimed by the police.
Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Celestina Kalu, had yesterday insisted that Clems was killed by a stray bullet, confirming that a policeman in the escort team was also killed during the fierce gun battle.
She disclosed that the police Monday morning arrested six suspected persons in connection with the attack, adding that four others suspected to be armed robbers were also killed along Ogwashi-uku/Asaba express way during a robbery operation.
Speaking further, DSP Kalu recalled that the vehicle used for the operation, a Toyota Siena car with Reg No. AA261XX, was abandoned with the robbers snatching another car from a motorist to escape.
While appealing to family members of the Nollywood actor to take heart, the spokesperson assured members of the public that the police would thoroughly probe the incident, adding that the arrested suspects were already helping the police with further investigation.
The robbers numbering over eight had stormed Asaba in a commando-style that fateful day.
They reportedly trailed the bullion van from the Benin/Asaba Express way through the Summit road and intercepted it along the DBS road before U&I Foundation, where they engaged the police escort team in a fierce gun battle.
A stray bullet was said to have hit the Nollywood actor who died soon after.

They should allow this young man to RIP or what is your take on this.

Kanye West sends his wife a lovely birthday message as she turns 32


"I've taken out my breast silicon"-Karen Igho reveals




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