Saturday, March 14, 2015

What A Shame!! 2 Policemen Fighting In front Of A Bank - Photos and video

  Nobody knows what caused the fight but an Alomo bottle was spotted them during the fight. More photos and video below.

Tables are turned: Iraqi soldiers torture and behead ISIS prisoners - WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS

  Shocking pictures has appeared online that claim to show Iraqi soldiers torturing and beheading Islamic State (ISIS) prisoners in apparent revenge attacks.

Rihanna Becomes Dior’s First Black Spokesperson

    Rihanna is continuing to make it rain in the fashion world, this time by becoming the first black spokesperson for Dior.

Sanction DSTV In Nigeria NOW- By Etcetera

  I have decided to lend my voice to the call for sanctions against Dstv in Nigeria, despite the fact that I have been cautioned by a couple of entertainers that speaking up against the almighty cable network may result in the banning of my works on its network. Yes, it is true that challenging these multinationals in Nigeria attracts sanctions especially for entertainers, but I have decided to speak up because I am one of the millions of Nigerians affected by any increment in subscription charges.


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