Monday, October 13, 2014

London hospital in chaos after ‘Ebola patient’ walks into casualty

London hospital in chaos after ‘Ebola patient’ walks into casualtyBritain’s hospitals may be unprepared to deal with an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, NHS insiders have claimed, after a suspected sufferer caused chaos in a London A&E ward.
Unprepared, ‘panicking’ staff at Lewisham hospital allowed the patient to use communal toilets and to have visitors, despite the risk of infecting others, insiders claimed this weekend.
Staff failed to follow correct procedures to deal with the deadly virus, despite high-profile NHS drills supposed to demonstrate that British hospitals are ready.
The supposed victim, who had travelled from Sierra Leone, was not transferred to a specialist unit at the Royal Free Hospital, the only fully-equipped ‘ebola-proof’ isolation unit in the UK.
Instead, he was treated by staff at Lewisham hospital equipped with aprons, masks and gloves, rather than biohazard suits, insiders said.
The man was later found not to have the virus.
The insider at Lewisham hospital said, ‘The hospital is unprepared. Staff were panicking and scared for their safety.’
The outbreak has killed 3,000 people in West Africa, and infected Westerners who had travelled to the region, as well as the health workers treating them.
A Dallas nurse who was part of the treatment team for Thomas Eric Duncan, became the first person to contract the virus in the United States over the weekend, despite wearing protective clothing.
Symptoms of the virus can take up to 21 days after infection to appear – and the virus is fatal in up to 70% of cases, according to the World Health Organisation.
Researchers at Boston Northeastern University predict that there is a 50% chance Ebola will arrive in Britain within the next 16 days, due to Britain being a major transport hub.

Okonjo-Iweala assures Nigeria’s economy will be effectively managed

The Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, on Sunday assured the international community that the Federal Government had put necessary measures in place to ensure effective management of Nigeria’s economy.
Okonjo-Iweala said this when she briefed newsmen on Nigerian Delegation’s participation at the Annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF, in Washington DC.
She said there had been a contingency plan to ensure that the economy did not suffer in spite of the drop in global oil price.

“First, we have to realize, the dimensions of the situation and we are beginning to do that. With the team here, the D-G Budget, the Central Bank, we are looking at various scenarios.

“We are running our models in terms of the oil price shock and so on, even quality shocks. And when you look at contingency scenarios, there are three ways you can manage them,’’ she said.
According to her, “you can either go outside to get resources to manage the system, but we are not planning to do that. We are not going outside to get resources at this moment. That is the pride that we have had.”
She said that government had no plans for such in the meantime. She also said that from the revenue side some positive result had emerged with additional income from to the Federal Inland Revenue Services.

“Because we were ahead of the curve in trying to bring on some extra help to FIRS, we gave a target of 500 million dollars which is about N75 billion to the FIRS backed by the McKinsey.
“That is helping to strengthen their capacity to improve audits and plug leakages. I am happy to say that of the N75 billion targets, they have already hit N44 billion of additional revenues in July.


EX Bayelsa Governor DSP Alamieyeseigha's son killed in Dubai

Oyoms Alamieyeseigha the second to the last son of ex governor of DSP Alamieyeseigha was dead by the stairway of his fathers house in the middle eastern city on Saturday

But the detail of his death is still unknown. May his soul RIP

Penelope Cruz, 40 named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine

Penelope, 40, inherits the title from Scarlett Johansson, who last year won the accolade for the second time.  Photos below.


Mariah Carey flashes some curves during concert in China (Photos)

The 44 years old diva was in a concet in Chengdu in the Sichuan Province of China on Sunday night, where she performed in a plunging teeny-tny underwear-flashing skirt.
                                                                         More pix below.

Rihanna arrives to a dinner clutching controversial gun-shaped handbag

 Rihanna is never far from controversy so it's hardly surprising that the singer came to a dinnerwith this  rocking this Saint Laurent pistol-printed leather clutch. More photos below.

Yemi Causal : All and out in this new photo

MadeMen Music Group! All And Out In Style As Their UK Tour Begins (Photos)

 Iyanya, Selebobo, Tekno,  Emma Nyra & Ubi Franklin in the Streets of UK in Style as UK Tour Begins, More pics below

5 ways to cope with life’s big changes

Take it one step at a time

Big changes can be overwhelming. In many situations, the change brings with it a mile long to-do list. Don't look at the change as a whole. Instead, put the tasks into small steps and take things one step at a time. Break your to-do list up and assign several tasks to certain days. Make the tasks more manageable and you will accomplish more and you won't be get bogged down.

Give yourself time

Some news can immediately change your outlook on life. Your husband lost his job. How will you pay for the bills this month? Your child was diagnosed with cancer. Do you move so she is closer to her treatments? Big change often brings a multitude of decisions. However, before you jump to any conclusions and begin making any decisions, give yourself some time. Let your mind and body become familiar with the situation at hand and accept the news before you make any rash decisions that could make the current situation an even larger mess.

In "The Giver," the character named The Giver has some difficult decisions to make. He went through exactly the same situation as Jonas, only years earlier. Does he continue living in the world he once knew or break away and do something different? The more he learns, the more he realizes something must be done. But he thinks things through. He weighs the needs of the community against his personal needs.

Keep your body physically fit

Exercise and eating a healthy diet are vital for keeping up with the demands of daily life. When you feel heartbroken and discouraged, you can easily become weak, sick or depressed. Many changes in life may even require physical labor such as moving or undergoing a health treatment. When you keep your body healthy, you will have an easier time plowing through those unwanted and difficult changes.

Write about it

Sharing your story and your emotions is one of the best and easiest ways to handle a life-changing event. This is one way to preserve memories, to always remember the pain and pleasure you feel throughout the changes in your life. You don't have to spend hours writing about an experience. Find time each day to write a little bit, after some time you will see that those tidbits of information turn into a glorious story.

One large theme in "The Giver" is the importance of memories. Without memories, we can't learn from mistakes. We can't learn to appreciate pain or happiness. Memories easily fade away with age or begin to change, the only true way to preserve a memory is to write it down.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

As in all things in life, you can always be grateful for something. Even when you are experiencing the most difficult challenge in your
life and the world is changing around you, you can be grateful for something. Before you go to sleep each night, make a list of at least three things you are grateful for that occurred during the day. When you begin to really look back at your life, you will see many tender mercies that occurred and experiences that make you truly grateful for what you have.

You can't hide from change. It will come, whether you like it or not. When that change comes, you must find a way to accept it and press forward. You can always find a way.

Chris Brown View On Ebola And Heartbreaking Photos As Ebola Death Toll Reaches 4033 In Liberia.

Chris Brown,   tweet about Ebola: “I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh.”
He then followed it up with: “Let me shut my black ass up!”

                  I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh.
— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) October 13, 2014
Let me shut my black ass up!
— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) October 13, 2014

Heartbreaking Photos below

Samklef Says He Does Not Like Wizkid As A Person.

"I'm not happy with Wizkid. I like his music, but I don't like him as a person anymore. The reason I don't like him anymore is, why do you go about spoiling other people's business? I never spoiled your business, never came out to say anything bad about you for four years. So why would you go to an OAP and tell the OAP that the reason why you no longer work with me is because my beat is amateur. What does that mean? Those amateur beats was what brought you to limelight, was what made you meet the same Akon who first dropped 'Don't Dull' on your voice." Samklef said. Continue
I never downgraded him. I showed him love. I used to go to his house...but he never came to mine. He doesn't know my house. He hasn't even seen my son before. It means he doesn't regard me as a friend. I wanted to feature him in one of my songs but this guy kept posting me for years. That's not even why I am angry. I am angry because he's going about disrespecting my talent. Saying these things in public. It is annoying.

"I'm doing fine without Wizkid. I don't want to say I regret working with him but I'm thanking God that we are all alive. But ask him, the people you are going to feature in America, if they were like you, would you meet them?
"I wish him luck. I don't regret working with his talent, I only regret working with his person. His fame took him away. He forgot where he was coming from. His person is very disgusting. There's something we call the grace of God. Before Wizkid got to where he is today, somebody gave him a front line, somebody introduced him. He didn't just come from anywhere. Making music is not just about one person. Banky was there to give him the front line and others came to help out. I'm not the only one complaining, other producers are complaining. I don't want to call names but nobody is saying anything good about Wizkid and you call yourself a superstar when you keep matching other people down. What is the star about you? Is it because you are featuring other foreign artists? You are not the first to do that, others have done that before so why are you carried away?
"I don't want to do anything with Wizkid anymore. Keep it to yourself, keep your name. I have new friends and new family. But he can continue talking. We are listening. I don't wish him bad. He says my beat is amateur but watch out for Samklef." He said

Okey Wali, Ex-NBA President, Kidnapped

Mr. Okey Wali (SAN), was abducted in Port Harcourt on Saturday in Rumualogu, Obio/Akpor LGA on his way to visit his elder brother. Saturday.It was learnt that a group of armed men, who had ostensibly laid ambush for him, double-crossed him and forcefully entered his vehicle. Wali’s vehicle was later abandoned .Although kidnappers of the former NBA president had yet to establish contact with his family.
In a statement by the incumbent President of the NBA, Mr. Augustine Alegeh (SAN), on Sunday, the association called on the Federal Government to be committed to its constitutional responsibility of protecting the lives of Nigerians.
The statement read, “The Nigerian Bar Association has just received the shocking news that the NBA 26th President, Okey Wali (SAN), was on Saturday October 11, 2014 at about 9pm kidnapped by unknown persons in Port Harcourt.
“Wali is a man of peace who has not only contributed immensely to the enthronement of rule of law and protection of human rights, but also to the development of our nation.
“It is, therefore, saddening that he should become a kidnap victim. This sad event is yet another reminder of the state of insecurity in which all Nigerians live.
“The NBA calls on the Federal Government to step up efforts to fulfil its primary constitutional role of providing for the welfare and security of all Nigerians. We passionately appeal to his abductors for his immediate and safe release to his family.”

11 Killed As Others Injured In Ibadan Market Fire

 At least  11 people lost their lives while others sustained varying degrees of burns when a tanker laden with petrol caught fire along Molete Market,Ibadan, in Oyo State Capital
An employee of the Nigerian Tribune, Mr. Samson Oyewole was among the victim,although Oyewole was fortunate not to have died

According to an eyewitnesses who said the Saturday fire started when a truck carrying fuel fell at the busy Molete roundabout, burst in flames, consuming 13 vehicles, three houses, seven commercial motorcycles, three commercial tricycles and goods worth millions of naira. Most of the deaths recorded were roadside traders.

The scene of the incident
The scene of the incident
credits: Photo: Olufemi Atoyebi

  Governor Abiola Ajimobi has visited the scene early in the morning where he expressed sympathy at the huge loss.
Among the dead was a man who was caught in the fire after leaving a drug store overlooking the overhead bridge. The owner of the pharmacy store, Chigozie Eze, narrated how he lost everything to the fire.

He said, “The driver was trying to steer the vehicle away from a pothole at the roundabout and at the same time making attempts not to collide with the commercial busses at the area when it fell. The content spilled and exploded. My brother and another person escaped through the back door but we lost everything.


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