Sunday, November 16, 2014

Graphic photos of the female suicide bomber that killed several people in Bauchi this evening

           According to AFP a female suicide bomber blew herself up this evening Sunday November 16, at a mobile phone market in Azare Bauchi State, killing several people....
A witness told AFP"

“A suicide bomber came into the market as it was closing and blew herself up in the middle of all the merchants and their customers,”
I saw at least eight dead and lots of others wounded,” another witness, Alyu Habib said.

         According to several other reports , a man and woman arrived at the GSM Market to carry out the bombing,the bomb was strapped to the woman who successfully detonated hers, killing several, nut the man was nabbed and set ablaze
Please pic of the decapitated head of the female suicide bomber below. Warning graphic pic


A good night's sleep, money and even technology take preference over making love

Ladies in the house is there any truth in this new findings?

                                            60 per cent in the US, 70 per cent in China and 38 per cent in Brazil revealed they would prefer a good night's sleep to sex     A study questioned 4,300 British, American, Chinese and Brazilian women. 68 per cent of those answering in the UK revealed they would prefer a good night's sleep to sex         
           The modern-day woman prefers sleep and technology to sex. 
A new global study has revealed that as the world gets more complex, females are turning to simpler life choices that make their lives easier.
More than 4,300 women were questioned from the UK, Brazil, China and the US on a range of issues including sex, sleep, money, technology and family concerns. 
In the survey, 68 per cent of British women revealed they would prefer a good night's sleep to sex, compared to 60 per cent in the US and 70 per cent in China.
          Brazilian women were the least worried about a good night's kip, with only 38 per cent preferring sleep to making love. 
In America and Britain, sex didn't even out-perform technology - given the choice to go three months without sex or technology, the majority would prefer to go without sex.
It didn't any better in a battle against money either. 
When asked if they would prefer more money, sex or power, 80 percent prefer money. Money secures the family's future, which women prioritize over their own needs. 
But money didn't necessarily mean being rich - just being financially stable: when asked to define success, women most frequently cited financial security, family and happiness, while deprioritising wealth and luxury.
          The study, which was commissioned by FleishmanHillard and Hearst Magazine, also showed a huge gap between what is perceived as 'old' in the different countries.  
On average, women in the UK, U.S. and Brazil believe that 'old age' starts at age 70. hat age is a moving target though -  millennials (aged between 18-29) think old age starts at 60, while baby boomers (aged between 50-69) think it starts at 80.
In China, where old age is revered, it is seen as coming earlier – 50 for women, and 60 for men. 
The attitudes in the different countries were also very different about how women felt towards consumer brands. 
         While value was the key reason for ladies using a particular brand, there were many issues that would convince them to drop a product. 
In the UK and the US, the biggest deal-breaker is learning that a company discriminates against women. 
Inn China, women are most likely to discontinue brand use if the company is on the brink of bankruptcy. 

While in Brazil, a company that has been hacked and had credit card information compromised is most likely to lose customers.  Via.daily mail

The Islamic State will slaughter your people in your streets': New 'Jihadi John' threat to Britain and the US after killing US Aid worker

             A masked jihadist today issued a chilling threat to the West in a video purporting to show the severed head of a U.S. aid worker and a mass murder of Syrian soldiers.
Speaking in the now-familiar London accent of Islamic State executioner-cum-spokesman Jihadi John, the militant issues the bloodcurdling threat in the group's latest propaganda video.
Later in the same video, which emerged today, it is claimed that another Western hostage, the aid worker and former U.S. army ranger Peter Kassig, has also been executed. A severed head said to Mr Kassig's is shown at the end of the near 16-minute long clip, which was uploaded to video sharing sites and publicised via Twitter.
           But it is at the beginning of an earlier scene, showing the graphic mass murder of Syrian air force personnel, that the masked militant issues his threat against civilians in the U.S. and UK. It shows the men led to a place in the desert by bearded, uniformed jihadis who each pick up a knife which they will use to saw the heads off their victims.
As militants stand in a row with their hostages kneeling in front of them, Jihadi John says: 'To Obama, the dog of Rome. Today we are slaughtering the soldiers of Bashar and tomorrow we will be slaughtering your soldiers.
'And with Allah's permission we will break this final and last crusade. And the Islamic State will soon, like your puppet David Cameron said, begin to slaughter your people in your streets.' Prime Minister David Cameron said he was 'horrified by the cold blooded murder' of US hostage Peter Kassig, and claimed that Islamic State militants 'have again shown their depravity'.  
           Mr Cameron said: 'These beheadings show once again what a depraved organisation this is.
'Like others who have been murdered in cold blood by ISIL, Abdul-Rahman Kassig was a selfless humanitarian worker who had gone to the region to help care for those fleeing the Syrian conflict.
'This underlines the deplorable depths to which these terrorists are prepared to go - savagely murdering a compassionate man.'
          The Prime Minister said his 'heart goes out' to Mr Kassig's family. 
The White House says U.S. intelligence agencies are trying to determine the authenticity whether the video is real.
National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan says that if the video is authentic, the White House would be 'appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American.'
She says the White House expresses its deepest condolences to Mr Kassig's family and friends
Mr Kassig's family, in the U.S. state of Indiana, said they were awaiting confirmation of the reports about their 'treasured son'.
          His parents, who have campaigned tirelessly for his release, said in a statement: 'We are aware of the news reports being circulated about our treasured son and are waiting for confirmation from the government as to the authenticity of these reports. We will have no other statement at this time and ask that you please respect our privacy.
          'The family respectfully asks that the news media avoid playing into the hostage takers’ hands and refrain from publishing or broadcasting photographs or video distributed by the hostage takers.

'We prefer our son is written about and remembered for his important work and the love he shared with friends and family, not in the manner the hostage takers would use to manipulate Americans and further their cause.'
      Via.daily mail

Photo of the evening

          Miss sahhara who used to be a man is really giving we ladies a run for our moni hehehe!!!! She is not looking bad.

Many feared dead as Female Suicide Bomber invades Bauchi


                  A female suicide bomber blew herself up Sunday at a mobile phone market in Azare Bauchi State, killing several people, witnesses said.
                “A suicide bomber came into the market as it was closing and blew herself up in the middle of all the merchants and their customers,” a witness said.
“I saw at least eight dead and lots of others wounded,” another witness, Alyu Habib said. (AFP)

EFCC : 70 year old man arrested for N42million Stock Fraud

Read the EFCC press statement below

                  A 70-year-old man, Adebola Oyewole Asiwaju, has been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly attempting to fraudulently sell the shares of one Olalere Sunday Oladosu. 
To perfect the scam, the suspect allegedly forged documents and opened a bank account in a new generation bank, with the assumed name of “Olalere Sunday Oladosu”. 
Then, he proceeded to instruct Marina Securities, a brokerage, to dispose of 1.7million units of Zenith Bank shares valued at N42million and remit the proceeds to the account he opened with the new generation bank.

                  The lid on the scam was lifted when a routine check by staff of Marina Securities revealed some discrepancies in the documents presented by the suspect and the ones the genuine owner of the shares had filed with the defunct Intercontinental Securities Limited.
Consequently, the suspect was arrested by the Nigeria Police, and later handed over to the EFCC for further investigation and prosecution.
                  The suspect is alleged to be neck deep in stealing shares of unsuspecting investors and selling them for a commission. He is believed to work for a syndicate and receives 10 percent of the proceeds of any “business” that sails through. His accomplices are still at large. Other names that Asiwaju has used in fraudulent shares sale include, Babajide Odunso and Chief Bolaji Carew. The suspect will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation in concluded.

Jihadi John is 'wounded in US air strike that killed 10 top ISIS commanders at secret bunker meeting in Iraq'


             Jihadi John, the Briton who beheaded two British and two American hostages held by Islamic State terrorists, has been injured in a US-led air strike, according to reports received by the Foreign Office.
The masked ‘executioner’ with a London accent is believed to have narrowly escaped death when he attended a summit of the group’s leaders in an Iraqi town close to the Syrian border last Saturday.
The meeting was targeted by American and Iraqi jets.
‘We are aware of reports that this individual [Jihadi John] has been injured, and we are looking into them,’ a Foreign Office spokesman told The Mail on Sunday.
              This newspaper has received an independent account of how Jihadi John was injured and rushed to hospital after a devastating air strike in Al Qaim, in Anbar Province, Western Iraq.
The Foreign Office spokesman added: ‘We have a number of sources of information coming in.
‘The incident occurred last weekend, and so we have received the reports in the last few days. We don’t have any representation inside Syria, and so it is difficult to confirm these reports.’
               According to our source, a nurse who treated the wounded in a hospital in Deir-ez-Zour, confirmed that one of the names on the injured list was Jalman, saying it was ‘the one who slaughtered the journalists’.
It is not clear how seriously the British fanatic was hurt, but the source said that both he and Al-Baghdadi were rushed to the Al Qaim General Hospital for treatment.
IS members issued urgent calls through the local mosque’s loudspeakers, appealing for the town’s residents to donate blood at the hospital.
              Our source, who does not want to be identified for his own safety, added that Jihadi John, Al-Baghdadi and the other wounded IS personnel were then driven to Syria, and travelling 200 miles north along the Euphrates valley to the IS stronghold of Raqqa.
The injured were taken to two captured Syrian army barracks near the city in the hope that underground medical facilities there would provide protection against further air strikes.
The source said that hospitals in Raqqa and nearby Deir-ez-Zour were ordered to take their medical supplies and staff to the secure bases, once the HQs of the Assad regime’s 17th Division and 93rd Brigade.
              Muhammad Nasser Delli, an MP for Anbar province, told The Mail on Sunday that local residents confirmed to him that they saw Al-Baghdadi being treated at Al Qaim.
He said: ‘A number of people saw him there, but he did not stay at the hospital long. There were lots of women and children that were killed on Saturday during the air strikes.’
The Iraqi intelligence paper also states that Al-Baghdadi was taken to Al Qaim hospital, before being driven to Syria.
It lists 16 IS leaders as having been killed in the attack, and nine injured.
Among the dead are Abu Huzaifa Al-Adnany, a security guard to Al-Baghdadi, and Abu Quatayba, the cleric of Al Furat wilaya, who would sit in the same shura council as Jihadi John.
Also dead is a prominent IS fighter from Chechnya called Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Shishani, says the document.

           Via.daily mail.

Beyoncé goes solo at sister Solange's pre-wedding party


                     Solange Knowles will be saying  'I do' to her longtime boyfriend Alan Fergusson this Sunday, but on Friday night the celebrating got under way.
Beyoncé was down in New Orleans - without her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy - to let the good times roll with her little sister.
The wedding festivities kicked off with 28-year-old Solange and her longtime boyfriend treating Beyoncé, 33, and all their friends to cinema night at the Indywood Move Theatre. According to the theatre's Facebook page, Beyonce, Solange and company watched the Diana Ross classic film Mahogany.
                    'They rented out the theatre for a pre-wedding party,' the message read. 'It was beautiful, they were beautiful, Diana Ross is beautiful, love is beautiful.'
The bride-to-be - who is reportedly walking down the aisle today, according to Us Weekly  wore a stunning white frock tailored to her curvy figure featuring a low-cut neckline and knee-high split. Beyoncé was beautiful even while virtually make-up free, looking happy in a furry cobalt-blue coat, black leather trousers and a loose-fitted black, along with party girl black platform heels.
The Crazy In Love singer flashed the 'A-okay' sign to spectators at the venue, proving that she was having a wonderful time.Via.dailymail


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