Monday, January 19, 2015

Muna Death latest!: Ibinabo replies Criticsover Muna Obiekwe's Death

In the morning Ibinabo took to  facebook to mourn Muna this way
I celebrate you,
I celebrate your life,
I celebrate your achievements
Life is only as long as the word NOW
Everything else is in our mind
Our memories, our hopes
You came unto life’s stage
Played your role well
You shone like a million stars
You gave us laughter
You gave us joy
You lit up the dark corners of your sphere of influence with your smiles
Tears well up in our eyes
Our throats are choking as we sob
Our knees are weak, we can hardly stand
Oh death
Why Muna?
Why now?
As you go ahead of us
We bid you adieu!
The heavenly hosts welcome you
We can hear the applause as you mount the celestial stage
Lights! Camera!! Action!!!
Ibinabo Fiberesima -Egbuka
President Actors Guild Nigeria

Minutes after a lot of fans attacked her for not coming to Muna’s Aid.

This was her reply


  1. Aww mwhn...RIP....Jane mami, howdy lah?

    1. Am more than fine dear,longest time and how is your lovely FAM ?



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