Monday, January 19, 2015

Man has Kim Kardashian's FACE shaved into the back of his head

   Do those perfect brows, pouting lips and enviable cheekbones look familiar to you?
They should do - because that's none other than Kim Kardashian's FACE shaved into the back of a man's head. Yes, really.

   The incredible piece of artwork is so impressive it even caught the attention of The Saturdays beauty Rochelle Humes - who suggested her hubby Marvin's former JLS bandmate JB Gill should follow suit.Now this we would like to see!It's not clear where the image originated, but it's thought it could be the handiwork of master barber Rob Ferrell aka Rob the Original.
   The Texan hairdresser shared the image onto his Instagram page with the caption: "#robtheoriginal #themajestic #hairartist #barber #kimkardashian".

Via.mirror uk

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