Friday, November 7, 2014

Man injects himself with Ebola DELIBERATELY in a bid to battle the deadly disease

Peter Hubbard is part of a clinical trial attempting to find a vaccine against the virus that has so far claimed thousands of lives in west Africa.
WPeter Hubbard hopes he will help ensure the virus is contained vaccine 

A man has revealed he has been injected with the Ebola virus ON PURPOSE in a bid to fight the deadly disease.
Peter Hubbard said he hopes the small risk he is taking could help create a vaccine to prevent further outbreaks of the disease, which has claimed thousands of lives in west Africa.
Speaking from his apartment in Alexandria, Virginia, Mr Hubbard, a consultant who specialises in natural gas and peer markets, said: "I get a lot of satisfaction out of the fact that this could potentially develop into a viable vaccine that prevents another outbreak. It might not help out with the current outbreak but it could prevent a future one, so that's a real plus in my book."
Mr Hubbard, 35, is one of 20 people taking part in clinical trials for a vaccine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States.

Would you become a  test case for an  Ebola vaccine if you are asked to ?


  1. God bless him oo. We Africans r our biggest problems.
    Jane I would become a test subject if I was PAID to
    and assured of my safety nd also have insurance

    1. @Anonymous you most be an Igbo man lol

  2. He get mind oooo, i doubt if i can allow myself to be used as test case no matter the amout of money that will be involved

  3. No way not for the whole money in this world



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