Thursday, October 23, 2014

OMG : Man Cuts Off His Manhood Because It Was Useless After His Girlfriend Dumped Him

A Macedonian man chopped off his penis and threw it in the bin after he was dumped by his girlfriend for his lack of bedroom skills.
The man told medics he felt his small-sized penis was to blame for the split.
And, he said, as it was useless he decided to cut it off.
Oliver Ilic, 22, had called medics after he could not stop the bleeding.
And the jilted lover was taken on a stretcher in bloodstained jeans to hospital in the eastern town of Kocani.

Police searched his house and discovered the severed organ in a bin after it had been cut off with a single swipe from a razor blade.

WARNING: Graphic image below


  1. Wow! The man is a Psycho. btw_ Colourful n Juicy blog u v got here Jane.

  2. he is really useless

  3. Hahahaha but the was useless,cutting it off is not the best though.



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