Monday, January 19, 2015

Is It Love or Lust?

   Does he love you or is he lusting after you? Does he really want to know you: your thoughts, your dreams, and your fears? Or is it all for the physical? If he’s showing obvious signs that he only wants the cookie, the fruit, the flower or whatever reference you have for your nature below, then maybe it’s time to – LET HIM GO! Is he really worth you wasting your time or more importantly your faith? I think not.

   No one is worth losing your faith in God – yes I said it, no one. Now I know this is easier said than done especially if you have already developed strong feelings for him – possibly even love, but as hard as it may be now to walk away if you have to, it may be even harder later when even more feelings are developed on your end and or if his pressure towards you to give in to sex increases.Because if he is only in the relationship to get in your pants one of two things is guaranteed to happen in my opinion: (a) he will throw in the towel early and move on to the next woman or (b) he is going to stay around as long as possible to break you – you will become his challenge, his conquest.

   And is this really what you want? For him to tell you all the right things to get you weak, vulnerable and right where he wants you only to win the prize and walk away leaving you broken hearted and guilty for giving in. Maybe that isn’t your situation, perhaps your man does love you, but he doesn’t share your Christian faith and values, having sex out of wedlock is one compromise – what about the others ahead while you both are unevenly yoked? Your faith in God should be a lifestyle and if your man doesn’t share that cutting ties now may be easier than having to do it later.

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