Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris Brown Gets A Full Time Job: As His Cmmunity Service Was Upped To Four Days A Week

Chris Brown has had his community service upped to four days a week so he can complete it by January.
And at eight hours long each, that's almost a full time job, TMZ reports.
The singer appeared in court on Thursday for a progress report in his Rihanna assault case, and his therapist reportedly wrote a glowing report for the judge - saying Chris is he's following his "medication management."
Chris posted this photo on his Instagram hours before his court healing,showing him staring up from under a huge hood in orange contrac lenses- tag creepy. 
Now, according to TMZ, he will have to work harder but over a shorter period of time.

A judge made reference to Chris recently getting a speeding ticket in the hearing too - meaning he had violated his probation.


  1. When will Chris B get through with all this.Still like his songs that guy can sing.

  2. CB always in the news can it ever get any better.

  3. his a great singer any day but just needs to grow up.



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