Friday, October 24, 2014

Jay Z: Who Wants U Dead?

 Who wants Jay_Z death?A bomb was planted  in front of the rapper's club in New York!
Jay Z's life and business came under attack earlier this week after a recovered footage showed an unidentified man placing a device alleged to be a bomb outside his 40/40 club in New York.
The New York Piolice Department (NYPD) say they are still searching for the prankster whom they suggest was responsible for the act.
According to MTVBase reports, there’s footage showing an unidentified suspect planting a device, which has been described as a flashing light with wires attached to two pieces of wood, near the club.

However, police say it was a fake bomb but they will continue to scan the area for any other questionable activities... harmful to humans and properties.
Meanwhile Jay Z wasn't in the club because he was busy renewing his marital vows with his wife, Beyonce in a romantic European vacation.

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  1. JayZ dont worry haters wont get u. And rumour mongers will b saying they re breaking up



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