Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beyonce Scares the Crap Out of Etsy ... Don't Screw with My Name!

   Ya’ll know the website People normally go on there to find cute African printed garments and other unique items, it’s like an Amazon meets Pinterest kind of website, you can virtually find any trendy thing on there. Well Beyonce has now caught wind of the website using her name and her likeness and she’s saying cut it out!

   If you were to type in Beyonce’s name into Etsy’s search engine more than four thousand items pop up including, sweater, tanks, coffee mugs, framed pictures, and even candles all priced around twenty bucks or below.
  According to TMZ, the “Queen of the Beyhive” isn’t too fond of the website using her image and she reportedly had her lawyers threaten the website to take down the items. She doesn’t even want thesite using the term “Feyoncé” because the word down to the accent over the e is still extremely close to her name. Some items were taken down but there are still much more items left on the site with her name or likeness on it, they better stop playing and get to it I heard Beyonce don’t play!If you ask me some of these things are pretty dope stuff ( I don’t know about the candle though I think it’s a bit much), but I’m actually thinking about shopping for some of those items while they last!  I mean as long as the vendors aren’t portraying her in a bad light there isn’t any harm done, but then again she would probably want the coins off of anything making money using her name. What do you think is Bey doing too much? Check out some of the items below.

TMZ / MTV/Theshaderoom

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