Monday, February 2, 2015

50 Cent calls out A$AP Rocky for hitting on his ex Holly, A$AP fires back

 There’s been lots of social media happenings between 50 Cent and his ex-Tatted Up Holly this week. First she used Instagram to accuse him of beating her, and then he issued her a non-specific public apology.

 Yesterday, A$AP Rocky was added to the fray when Fif posted a screenshot of a DM Rocky had sent to Holly, and then mocked the 26-year old’s fashion sense and cash flow in an IG post which he has since taken down.The  rapper took offense, telling the A$AP Mob leader to “get your weight up first boy,” and clowned him for wearing a dress.

  Rocky took the high road with a quick response on Twitter, “I SEE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN N GET INSPIRED , AINT KNOW SHE WAS URS, GOT RESPECT 4 U SO QUIT ACTING LIKE A JELOUS SUGAR DADDY, KEEP IT CLASSY BRUH.”Trey Songz, whose name was brought up in the original back-and-forth, cleverly chimed in on Twitter saying “Hey man what can I say? Been a great day, no rappers dry snitchin.”

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