Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spanish police found drug smuggling gang seize 150g cocaine worth £6,500

   Spanish drug dealers attempted to smuggle cocaine into France by hiding it inside a sarnie.Police made the bizarre find when they stopped three people on their way to France.
  The married couple and another man had what looked like two ordinary sausage sandwiches in a coolbox. However, when officers looked closer, they found they contained 150 grams of cocaine, worth around £6,500.It later emerged the trio were part of a much bigger organised crime gang involved in smuggling and a revenge shooting.Although police were already investigating the network, the trio, including the ring-leader, were only stopped after the driver went down a one-way street the wrong way.They were arrested in Zaragoza, Spain, en route to France.A police spokesman said their investigations had started last September after a man with a gunshot wound was taken to hospital.They discovered he had been shot during an argument between drug traffickers.Later, his attacker was arrested and nearly two kilogrammes of cocaine was found on a boat.

Via,Mirror uk

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