Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shocking Satellite Images shows the horrific aftermath of Boko Haram massacre in Baga

Doron Baga Village on January 2 before the attack

  As the Nigerian Military said 150 not 2000 people died in Baga, Amnesty International has released shocking satellite images which show the extent of damage .This is to buttress their claims that an estimated 2,500 people, were slaughtered in the deadliest attack since insurgency  have been revealed in shocking new satellite images.
  With more than 3,700 structures including houses and schools completely destroyed.In the pictures taken beforehand, the areas in red show buildings and trees in the densely packed towns in the north of the country.But in the pictures taken after the massacre, they have been decimated and the infra-redsatellite images instead reveal grey areas where the militants savagely razed the towns.Daniel Eyre, Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International, said this was the 'largest and most destructive' BokoHaram assault his organisation has ever analysed. 'These detailed images show devastation of catastrophic proportions in two towns, one of which was almost wiped off the map in the space of four days.

'It represents a deliberate attack on civilians whose homes, clinics and schools are now burnt out ruins

Dogon Baga Village on January 7 after attack

   Up until now, the isolation of the Baga, combined with the fact that Boko Haram remains in control of the area, has meant that it has been very difficult to verify what happened there.'Residents have not been able to return to bury the dead, let alone count their number. But through these satellite images combined with graphic testimonies a picture of what is likely to be Boko Haram's deadliest attack ever is becoming clearer.'

Another survivor - a man in his fifties - told Amnesty:

   'They killed so many people. I saw maybe around 100 killed at that time in Baga. I ran to the bush.As we were running, they were shooting and killing.'He hid in the bush and was later discovered by Boko Haram fighters, who detained him in Doron Baga for four days.Those who fled describe seeing many more corpses in the surrounding bush area, and one woman said: 'I don't know how many, but there were bodies everywhere we looked.'One witness described how Boko Haram were shooting indiscriminately, killing even small children and a woman who was in labour.He added: 'Half of the baby boy is out and she died like this.

Dogon Baga Village..yellow dots signify 620 houses razed down in the attack

Doro Gowon close to Baga completely razed down(Yellow Patch)

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