Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ex-Bayelsa Gov.Sylva publicly denounces President Jonathan as his 'brother'

     The Former Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva, has publicly denounced President Goodluck Jonathan as his brother .He said this was because the President not only failed to develop the Niger Delta region,but denied him all the love, care and protection expected from a brother.

    Sylva had while campaigning for the presidential candidate of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, at the Samson Siasia Stadium, Yenagoa, last week disowned the President before a crowd of people from the state.He said,”Please, go and ask my so called brother. If he is really my brother. I don’t think he is my brother. Who is your brother? Your brother is who looks after you. He who looks after your back. This is a so-called brother who pushed you to the fox. As far as am concerned my brother is the one I met on the street and took me into his home.

    “And am sure you will agree with me that a brother who pushed me into the street for the fox to eat me up is not my brother. As far as am concerned I don’t see him as a brother anymore. Please, I don’t think Bayelsa should make the mistake. His problem is that he only thinks about himself.“ And we should be careful. Let us look, what has Bayelsa gained from the Presidency. Where is the Federal project in the state that is significant? I don’t see any. Not even electricity is available in Otuoke. And you have the Presidency.“If I have somebody else that is not my brother but a friend with my interest at heart, it is better. Sometimes a good friend is better than a bad brother. If a good friend can come and give us electricity and good jobs, I will go for that good friend rather than go for that bad brother. Look at Bayelsa. Look at Niger Delta.”

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