Friday, November 7, 2014

Nicki Minaj Looks Straight Out Of The Future In This ‘Billboard’ Cover Shoot

For the cover of her feature for Billboard magazine, Nicki assembled her “home team” to get her cover-ready: Oscar James on hair, Mylah Morales on makeup, and Rushka Bergman(*achem* Michael Jackson‘s personal stylist, NBD) on fashion duty. The result is Queen Barb in a retro pin-up rolled bang, a glowing fresh face, and a gold seqin-laden bodysuit adorned with chunky gold arm cuffs and a kind of gold breastplate necklace situation. Serving many 1968′s-version-of-the-future vibes.More pics below

Photo credit Billboard


  1. The girl with dangerous curves fake or real.

  2. Barbie Nicki looking like Egpitans goodess



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