Saturday, November 21, 2015

Could this be the reason for Kylie And Tyga’s Birthday Breakup?

   By now, you’ve surely heard that Kylie and Tyga’s barely legal bae-ship has finally reached the end of the road. Although it’s not the first time the two have called it quits, things seem pretty final this time around as the Kardashian Kamp is going public with the split and shunning the rapper — ON his birthday. But what was the straw that broke the camel’s back for these two?
   According to TMZ, it all came down to a popularity contest between the two: Kylie and Tyga could not co-exist because their relationship became an unrelenting test of who was more important … at least that’s the way Tyga sees it. Sources connected with Tyga tell us, he was battling Kylie almost daily over who should kowtow to who when there was a scheduling conflict. They were fighting over which events they’d attend together, which required one of them to scrap their plans.
   Tyga is telling friends the Kardashians fueled the conflict because Kylie would complain about him and the family would stoke the coals by telling her that her career was far more important than his.Tyga’s people say this did not come to a head Thursday … it’s been brewing for weeks.Apparently, the Kardashians don’t see it the same way … our K sources say Tyga did something to trigger the breakup, and Kylie’s the one who pulled the plug.

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