Thursday, February 5, 2015

Taiwan TransAsia plane crash: Anger as women pose happily for camera while rescuers search river for victims

  Posing happily for the camera, these women look like they are enjoying a nice day out by the river.

  Behind them, however, hundreds of rescuers are busy searching for the bodies of victims of today's devastating plane crash in Taiwan.The picture - which also shows one of the young girls holding up a peace sign - has been heavily criticised in Taiwan for showing a lack of respect, Apple Daily reported.The women posed for the picture yesterday as rescuers in dinghies searched the Keelung River for the bodies of victims and survivors.At least 31 people died in the crash with 12 people still missing.The TransAsia Airways plane with 58 passengers and crew on board cartwheeled into a river shortly after taking off from a down town Taipei airport in Taiwan.

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