Friday, January 23, 2015

Recent Passport: New Proves show that Buhari's WAEC result was forged

After presenting his result, new proves show that the result was forged, Kindly read all that is being marked with a red ink

* Further observations on Buhari Statement of Result. Was there Katsina state in 1961? Kastina State was created in 1967
* Did we have State Ministry of Education in 1961?
* In 1961 we never had Class(form) 6, in Nigeria we had Class(form) 1-5
* Katsina was a province then, why was the result transfered to state ministry of education letter headed paper?
* How old was GMB then? See the passport on the result. Am just asking out of ignorance o..
* Did results didnt come with pictures at that time. SSCE result didnt have my picture attached to it in 1988 talk more of 1961...

  This election is getting messier by the day.

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  1. LOL please i can't stop laughing since i saw this post. But whosoever that forged this WAEC result needs to be flogged.



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