Saturday, November 15, 2014

The shocking ‘checklist’ for picking up women posted online by California ‘dating guru’ Julien Blanc

       Controversial 'pick up artist' Julien Blanc has posted a domestic abuse chart on his Twitter page calling it a 'checklist' for 'how to make her stay'.
The diagram was originally designed by a domestic abuse charity to help women identify when they are being abused, and has sections entitled 'use male privilege' and 'use isolation'. 

       The post, which has now been hidden online, came as minister Lynne Featherstone urged Home Secretary Theresa May to ban Blanc from coming to Britain. He is due to be in this country on November 21 to host a seminar on pick up techniques, but an online petition calling for him to be denied entry has already attracted 120,000 signatures. Mr Blanc who  made a name for himself by being what he describes as an 'executive coach' at a company called Real Social Dynamics, which he calls an 'international leader in dating advice'.
It promises customers the chance to 'witness dating coaches attract beautiful women in live demonstrations'.
       But videos and pictures of Blanc in action suggest he encourages men to harass women with the aim of having sex with them.
A video of one of his seminar in Japan shows him saying that 'white men... can do what you want' in Tokyo, suggesting that men grab women's heads and thrust them towards their crotch.

Sarah Green, from the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said: 'His so-called pick up coaching promotes behaviour amounting to sexual harassment and sexual assault.See his pic below


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