Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebration time: Bangladeshi Hijras (Transgender) show off their pride

Colourful: The transgender women, known as hijras, danced and sang through the capital's busy streets

 A thousand transgender Bangladeshis have marched in their country's first ever Pride parade to mark a year since their official recognition as a third gender.
Dhaka's busy streets were brought to a standstill as the transgender women, known as hijras in Bangladesh, drew crowds with their dancing and singing.
The group, many wearing colourful saris, unfurled a huge Bangladeshi flag and carried banners, one of which read: 'The days of stigma, discrimination and fear are over'.See more pics below

National pride: They unfurled a huge Bangladeshi flag as a mark of patriotism as they marched in the streets
Convincing: Men watch as a hijra glides past carrying a vase during the Dhaka pride parade
Well made up: A hijra applies eyeliner to her heavily made up face during the parade in Dhaka on Monday 

Celebration time: Transgender Bangladeshis dance in Dhaka's first-ever pride parade on Monday
Happy: A hijra smiles for the camera as she helps to carry her national flag during the parade
Not quite smiling for the camera... Hijras have been a part of life in south Asia going back to antiquity
Custom: They are mentioned in the Kama Sutra and live in communities across Bangladesh, India and Pakistan
Victory: Two hijras make V for victory hand gestures at the march to mark a year since their official recognition

Photo credit via.Dailymail

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