Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Body artist Emma Fay transforms models into animals in mind-bending optical tricks

 At first glance, they all look like wonders from the animal kingdom. But look a little closer and you'll spot a woman's hand here, her foot poking out there, or the outline of her torso twisted into an extraordinary pose.
For these remarkable images were all created by 'body concept artist' Emma Fay - with a little help from a couple of contortionists who acted as her human 'canvas'.Check out the pics below

Protected modesty: Contortionists Beth Sykes and Lowri Thomas wear white leotards against a white background to finish the effect.

The stuff of nightmares: You wouldn't want this giant tarantula under your bed - no matter how elegantly it was painted

Now you see it: Body artist Emma Fay, 27, spends up to six hours creating each of her animals, from a zebra (left) to a mandrill (right), by painting on two very patient contortionists. She lines them up and draws composition marks on their bodies to make the images perfect.

Blink and you'll miss it! One of the talented contortionists is transformed by Miss Fay into a glittering, multi-coloured dragonfly

Here's looking at you! The eyes on this crab are shining out of the shoulder blades of Miss Fay's model. The 27-year-old from Leicester used to run a hair and beauty salon, and began honing her unusual craft three years ago. Now her pictures are known worldwide

From studying art, design and drama, Emma went on to have many years as Managing Director of a successful Hair & Beauty Salon She combines her artistic, theatrical & business backgrounds with her professional experience and knowledge within the hair & beauty industry to provide an extremely high level of client care and attention to detail.

Photo credit via.ilovebodyart/dailymail


  1. Wowwwwwww beautiful and very creative.

  2. Nice art,i like the Zebra pic is breathtaking

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for that world.

  4. So colourful,i can't stop scrolling up to watch them again



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