Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WTH: Man Had His Peen Removed Because It Was Too Big

See his reason below and a photo

On why he decided to have his testicles removed ...
I had a baby face in high school, there was one of these bullies and he said "you have a man's equipment but you're still a boy" and he squeezed my balls in the shower. He was on the football team, I was on the soccer team showering together and he said "you shouldn't have such big equipment" so he squeezed my balls and at that point it was just a fantasy for me. So how about getting rid of them for some reason?
On the drawbacks ...
One of the most obvious cons is I have to sit to pee, or I have to use one of these female urination devices. It's an odd funnel shaped device that you can use if there's only a men's urinal. Also, sometimes I get urinary tract infections. There's a shorter path to the bladder through what I've got now. So I've got to be very careful and keep it clean.
On the benefits ...
... my mood has improved dramatically since going nullo. I don't miss the baggage. I don't miss the fact that I get into sex with a guy, he expects me to perform in some ways, now he doesn't have that expectation. In fact, quite a few guys find it very arousing that they don't have to have that distraction.
I had to do small art work on him.
You can see the Uncensored photo at huffingtonpost.com


  1. the only najia girlOctober 21, 2014 at 1:32 PM

    Na wooooooo
    How big was it?

    Crazy man.



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