Thursday, May 7, 2015

Check out Ali Baba's Opinion on What Makes a Man.

  Ace comedian Ali Baba shared his opinion on what makes a man and those things ladies look out for in men..He also asking the ladies what they look out for in a man..
  I AM A MAN OF MANY PARTS... A man is made up of many parts. These parts all add up to MAKE A man. To some, a man is not a man, if the part the leaf covers leaves him. Some believe if the man has no good head... He is gone! Others will argue that it's the heart of a man that matters. They INSIST that, a man could have all the body parts any woman would crave, but if he is wickedly wired, all that desired physical attributes come to nothing. After talking with several people, I have come to realize that, people are ready to discount all kinds of deficit a man has, based on what they count as MOST IMPORTANT.

   In fact I met a lady who said once a man needs a much larger leaf to cover the covered part in theimage posted, it's functional AND applied properly, he could be crippled for all they care. Another said, "if he has money, that's all!" What if he has a great sense of Humour? I asked. Are you being funny? (Obviously, she can't take a joke) Anyway, let's move on. I recall a certain lady said the man must have hair on his chest. As if she will shave the chest hair and give to a school in place of fees.
In my quest, I found out that, a man's butt, shoulders, fingers, lips, feet, nails, biceps, chest, eyes and even whether he is bald or not, all matter in the-man-of-my-dreams matter. If you ask me, none of these should matter. But it apparently does. Oh! I nearly forgot. A certain lady says any man with "open teeth" makes her weak in the knees. (There is an 'opening' in Minna, Niger State). Let's move on. Many believe a man who is tall, with broad shoulders, well dressed, manicured nails, tidy haircut and available is a must have. But what if his blood is "HAVE NOT".
  That is to say, no shishi! What if he beats you at every opportunity instead of hugging you likeMayweather? What if he is provocatively jealous? What if he has a complex? Not the real estate type? What if his confidence is nada!? What if? What if? What if?.... So I ask, what are the things that a lady thinks defines her man? All that talk of I want an Honest man... I want a man to love me... I want a man who is there for me... I want a good man... IS ALL VAGUE AND CRIMINALLY AMBIGUOUS. Be VIVID"

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