Friday, March 13, 2015

5 kinds of 'True Love' According to IK Ogbonna

   Ik Ogbonna wrote this interesting piece ( THE 5 KINDS OF TRUE LOVE) . According to him, true love only exists in 5 departments. Read his view and let us know what you think.

"I just discovered that man can only experience true love is not more than 5 departments 
# 1: Love of God , u feel so in love with God sometimes u want to cry
# 2 : Love for your child , that's a feeling you can't explain 
# 3 : The love for food
# 4 : Love for money
# 5 : Not everyone can really experience this, a lot of people pass through life thinking they experienced it but never truly did, it's so sweet and you can't help it. It's called true love for your soul mate. While typing i realized sex is another extreme level of love, but i did not add it to the 5 because on the real when you have sex with someone you don't love you feel hate immediately after you climax. Ok bye"

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