Sunday, February 1, 2015

Update: Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina reportedly brain dead

 According to exclusive who spoke to a hospital staff at North Fulton Hospital, where Bobbi is staying. We're told that Bobbi's is "brain dead". The staff , who chose to be anonymous said, " She lost oxygen to her brain for too long - she's not going to be able to recover." When asked if  the worker was sure about Bobbi's condition, they replied, " Yes, very sure."

  We're also told that her father Bobby brown , and family friends including Tyler Perry are at her bedside, praying for a miracle. just learned more information from the initial reports that Bobbi may have a drug overdose.... well now we're hearing otherwise. A person close to the brown family told exclusively that they suspect that Bobbi may have wanted to commit suicide!!!
 According to the insider , Bobbi and her husband Nick Gordon were not together. They were staying apart. Nick got a call from Bobbi Kris and he felt that she was trying to hurt herself, so he and a friend rushed home and where they found her.we're told that Bobbi Kris was in a deep depression- caused by troubled marriage and frustration with the portrayal of her mother Whitney in a recent Lifetime Biopic Movie.

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