Monday, February 23, 2015

Japan to make couples go on compulsary have more sex

 What am interesting development in Japan Hehe!!!. The country's government wants to make it compulsory for married couples to go on more vacations- so they have more sex,but there's very good explanation for this. 

  The country has a low population growth,they are suffering from acute baby shortage. Only about 1 million babies were born in Japan in the year 2014, which is the lowest figure on their country history. Japan's health ministry also said that about 1,269,000 people died in 2014,indicating a natural population decline of 268,000. So basically , they were more people who died than were born. The country says its shrnking population is affecting their economy and want to do something about it. The government  figured couples are too busy hustling they don't have sex. So parliament is now debating vacation for couples so they can have time for more sex in other to make babies

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