Thursday, January 29, 2015

Terrified woman woke up at home to find burglar with his HEAD between her legs

   A terrified woman woke up at home to find a burglar with his head between her legs.

   Samuel Miller, 30, attacked the unnamed victim on her sofa after breaking into the property.The woman ordered Miller to get out but he returned hours later and climbed through her window after she went to bed.He fled when she screamed so loudly neighbours heard her, Maidstone Crown Courtheard.Miller called police himself and claimed the woman had invited him into her flat in Sevenoaks, Kent.But he was charged with sexual assault and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence and was convicted by a jury.
  Prosecutor Andrew Espley said the victim was wearing a dress when she arrived home from work in July last year. It was a hot day and she took off her tights which had "built-in" underwear. After eating dinner she went to a shop to buy some wine.She drank about three quarters of the bottle and fell into a deep sleep on the sofa. The curtains were open but the windows were shut and locked.Mr Espley said: "She woke up and realised there was a man's head between her legs. "She felt numb and shocked."She said in a firm voice: 'Who are you?' She said 'Please get out' repeatedly. He didn't say anything. He had a blank expression on his face.
   "She began to guide him out of the flat. While doing so she noticed the door was open."Mr Espley said the woman in some way felt responsible for what happened and did not immediately report it.He added: "She finds it a somewhat surreal experience because he had been expressionless and hadn't been aggressive to her in any way."Around 90 minutes later she was in bed when she heard her windows rattling. Mr Epsley said: "She realised someone was trying to break in."She was terrified at that point. She started to scream. She saw the defendant climbing through the window.
  "She ran onto the street. She was barefoot."A couple of minutes later he emerged and said to her: 'You invited me in.' Some of the neighbours heard her screaming and went to help her."When interviewed the victim did not at first mention the initial incident.Judge Philip St John-Stevens adjourned sentence for reports until after March 9 and remanded Miller, of Sevenoaks, in custody.

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