Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guardian batters 15-year old for sending daughter on an errand

   A 15-year-old girl, Oluebube Amadi, has refused to report her guardian, Mrs. Ebere Ugochukwu, to the police for allegedly assaulting her.
  Amadi, a primary six pupil, lives with the woman on Muhammed Akinje Street, Ejigbo, Lagos State.It was learnt that a Good Samaritan who met her while she was writhing in pain on the street advised the victim to report the assault to the police. But she turned down the idea for fear of being punished again by the guardian.Punch Metro learnt that Amadi had told the Good Samaritan, identified simply as Rukayat, that she was, on January 11, spanked by Ugochukwu for sending one of her daughters on an errand.The victim had reportedly added that the woman applied pepper on her injuries after the flogging.However, Ugochukwu told our correspondent that she spanked the victim for allegedly masturbating. She also justified the assault on the ground that Amadi had a habit of stealing.

Ugochukwu said,

 “She touches her private parts with her fingers and she has started doing same to my daughters. I was really annoyed. When I asked her where she learnt it, she said she used to do it in the village. The beating I gave her was the highest since she has been living with me. I tied her hands and legs. Besides, she is used to stealing. She steals my money and items from school.“I brought her from Enugu in 2012 to look after my children because I used to lock them up whenever I was going out. My mother got her for me from her parents, who live beside our house.”Although the girl confessed to the allegations, she insisted that Ugochukwu punished her on the fateful day for sending her daughter on errand.

She said, 

“She usually flogs me. I steal and do bombom(masturbate), but I did not steal that day. She beat me for sending her daughter to bring me soap to wash plates.”When our correspondent inquired to know why she engaged in such acts, she did not respond. However, when asked whether the woman sprinkled pepper on the scars in her back, she said, “She will beat me if I tell you.”

Ugochukwu’s husband Emeka, a vehicle inspection officer, said, “The items she stole from school are still with her. I told her to return them. I will take her back to her parents.”A neighbour to the woman, who craved anonymity, said beating has become “a hobby” for the girl.“That is how she beats her. Everybody has complained, including the landlady to no avail. We even told her to take her back to the village if she can’t cope with her. Now, nobody bothers to intervene whenever the girl is being flogged,” she said.

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